Tudor Calls For Sendek’s Resignation

This morning, the Raleigh News & Observer’s Caulton Tudor calls for Herb Sendek to resign if he fails to make the NCAA tournament. link

In my view, Tudor bats .500 in his surprisingly well-written epistle. He very aptly describes the sharply negative atmosphere that would surround the program in the offseason:

“But if N.C. State can’t finish strong enough to get back to the NCAA Tournament, the smart move by Sendek would be to resign. The alternative would be a year in a purgatory of fan resentment and constant speculation…Sendek would face a miserable offseason if the next few games go poorly. For State fans, an NIT bid would represent an unacceptable consolation prize. They expected a high ACC finish and two or three NCAA victories, not a step back to the level of Sendek’s first four seasons…[T]here would be no more middle ground for him to plow in his 10th season. To avoid an outright dismissal, he would need a national top-15 finish and a postseason breakthrough. The pressure on Sendek and his players would be unwavering. Each conference game would bring a status check.”

However, I think he’s wrong to suggest that resignation would be a good option (at least without a significant buyout, which could be easily arranged with funds from Sendek supporters and detractors alike), but that a firing would be out of line. I have never understood why anybody could expect a coach (or any professional) to fire himself when his superiors are not inclined to drop the axe. This seems backward-thinking, and does not acknowledge the obvious – that Sendek’s first and foremost responsibility is (and should be) to his family. Why should we expect him to simply walk away from millions of dollars VOLUNTARILY? As I have noted many times before, college basketball is a big business, not a charity gig. We should not expect RESULTS or decisionmaking behavior to reflect any alternate reality.

Of course, batting .500 isn’t too shabby, especially for Tudor – who closes with what might be the money sentence of the entire Sendek debate:

“But big paychecks come with big responsibilities.”

We here at StateFansNation couldn’t have said it any better.

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4 Responses to Tudor Calls For Sendek’s Resignation

  1. Cal Stabn 02/16/2005 at 11:14 AM #

    The problem with this piece is that is makes an assumption that will never come true, and Caulton knows it. Coach Sendek is much more analogous to Mike O’Cain than Les Robinson, and will never – NEVER – resign without a the aid of an Irish Hoist – a boot in his ass.

    That’s why I’ve said for some time that Lee Fowler and his Never Never Land mentality are the real problem here.

    A very good column, BJD.

  2. WTNY 02/16/2005 at 2:01 PM #

    Wow. Wow. Wow. For Tudor to write that is something.

    Of course the Pack could catch fire and make the tourney. The odds are slim but it could happen. If the Pack squeaks into the tourney, then no change will be forthcoming. (My bar for this year has been the Sweet 16.)

    If the Pack whiffs on the Big Dance, then Tudor is right that next year will be ugly. Recruiting will suffer.

    That’s why this year is the year to make a change if we are going to make one. It will be easier to land a good coach this year, IMO. While good coaches like challenges, they also like situations where they have a chance to succeed. Of course there are the standard drawing cards: the best conference, top-notch home court, nice practice facility, tradition, etc. But next year’s team will have had back-to-back good recruiting classes. Wait a year and the next class will almost certainly be a step down and the pool of interested, qualified coaches will probably be of lesser quality as well.

    That’s why the stretch run will be crucial. My only hope would be to avoid a nebulous finish — make the Sweet 16 or, I hate to say it, don’t even sniff the bubble. Make a change if a change is warranted this year rather than wait X more years.

  3. JB34 02/16/2005 at 9:47 PM #

    Yoni @ one of College Basketball’s most comprehensive and premiere blogs said today:

    “Caulton Tudor of the Raleigh (NC) News & Observer suggests that if North Carolina State fails to make the NCAA Tournament this year, Herb Sendek will be coaching for his job next season. He makes a persuasive argument, however, that if the Wolfpack don’t finish strong enough to get back to the NCAA Tournament, Sendek should resign. (Unless Herb could get the NCAA to ok a fifth year of eligibility for Julius Hodge, I agree).”

  4. JB34 02/16/2005 at 11:11 PM #


    “Leave it to my boy, Caulton Tudor, to be the first to drop the bomb. The idea that Herb Sendek should resign at the end of the year isn’t new. In the back alleys of arenas and media rooms, every sportswriter and talking head echoes those thoughts.

    My issue with Tudor’s take is that he is asking Sendek to punk out. My stance since the North Carolina loss has been that Sendek should go on his own terms. If that means taking another job at the end of the season, where his services will be welcome, do it. Much more different than stepping down in shame.

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