Terry Holland

Holland credits NC State for allowing ECU athletics to stand on its own

Thanks, Terry! “both of you (Lee Fowler and Dick Baddour) have been extremely cooperative in helping us in ways that have given ECU Athletics an opportunity to stand on its own” This whole pissing match between the embarrassment that is Lee Fowler and the AD too-good-for-his-current school (Terry Holland) is too ridiculous for words. Since […]

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Another ‘shining’ moment for simpleton, Fowler – Terry Holland Issues Scheduling Statement (9pm Update)

As much as we enjoyed the ironic twists in Lee Fowler’s comments today (highlighted here), we also knew that Terry Holland wasn’t just going to sit back and let Fowler get away with it. Earlier in the day I actually got an email from a buddy at NC State saying the following: “What is Lee […]

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