PJ Hairston

Making Connections

Life is all about making connections with others, don’t you think?  It’s what makes life worth living. A big shout out to the folks at RedWolfSolutions.com for making some connections here. First off….a little light-hearted entertainment…. Please do take note of the the license plate on the rear of the vehicle at the 00:47 mark […]

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[Key 3:45pm Updates] Links to past scandal? Wheels for Heels – Roy waiting on facts: About which player?

Today, Roy Williams said that he’s waiting on facts before making any judgement on the whole PJ Hairston-rental-car-(or cars, plural)-situation (ABC 11). But there may yet be more to this than it seems. Is UNC senior guard (just for clarity: basketball, not football) Leslie McDonald the latest over at the Flagship to go ‘rogue’? McDonald […]

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The Carolina Way Revisited

We wanted to make sure that you good folks knew about the newest developments on PJ Hairston’s excellent adventure to Durham and had a place to voice your thoughts on the matter.  You can refresh a little by reading this quick piece… UNC’s top scorer P.J. Hairston charged with possession of marijuana (USAToday.com) According to […]

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