It’s Friday For PJ Hairston – Finished at U*NC


Multiple news outlets reporting this FRIDAY afternoon that U*NC-CH will not be seeking reinstatement for PJ Hairston, thus effectively ending the junior forward’s college career.

There had been much speculation after Leslie “Don’t Call Me Ronald” McDonald was cleared by the NCAA to play prior to the Tar Heels’ game vs Texas this past Wednesday, and subsequent announcements were made to the effect that U*NC-CH had not yet filed for Hairston’s reinstatement.

UNC’s P.J. Hairston will not return to Tar Heels (

[Roy] Williams said he is “extremely disappointed for P.J., his family and our team as he will no longer be playing basketball at North Carolina. P.J. made mistakes and I was very disappointed by his actions and now he is suffering the very difficult consequences. He is not a bad kid; he just made some mistakes.”

Hairston, the Tar Heels’ junior guard who led the team in scoring last season, had missed the first 10 games of the season amid NCAA eligibility concerns. Those concerns arose in the summer, when he was arrested in Durham while driving rented 2013 GMC Yukon that had been paid for by Haydn “Fats” Thomas, a Durham resident and felon.

Disappointed FOR PJ….but apparently not disappointed IN PJ.

P.J. Hairston will not return to North Carolina (

The University of North Carolina will play its 2013-14 campaign without one second of contribution from P.J. Hairston. The junior forward has been suspended to this point amid an NCAA investigation into rental cars he drove in the offseason, rental cars connected to an ex-convict.

On Friday the school announced it would not seek reinstatement for Hairston, meaning his career at the school is officially over. The announcement comes two days after fellow Tar Heel Leslie McDonald was cleared to play following an investigation by the NCAA.

“Unfortunately P.J. made a number of mistakes that placed his eligibility at risk and the University’s joint review with the NCAA made it clear that seeking reinstatement for P.J. would not be possible,” UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham said in a statement. “The University thanks him for his contributions to Carolina Basketball. We also want to thank Coach Williams for the way in which he has held the team together over the early stages of this season despite not having two veteran players and for the level of care and concern he has for the young men on his team.”


It’s Friday, Friday, gotta down on Friday…partyin’, partyin’ yeah!

Discuss amongst yourselves….

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    Nice when things work out the way they should…I have to wonder though, if UN* didn’t have those big wins, would they have been more interested in keeping PJ around?

    Things that make you say huh?


    Should I hold my breath and wait for the investigation to determine if * cough – prove that – cough* other players have taken advantage of Fats’ largesse?


    A room just became available at one of Roy’s houses, and there’s a blunt on the bed. It aint so bad.


    I do believe there were 2 brilliant SFN members who called the shot.


    I wonder what damaging information might have been revealed by UN* if they had pursued PJ’s reinstatement? hmmmmmm


    Now accepting bets on where he will land.


    Black Santa arrives early….

    I know all ya’ll join me in wishing all our Tarheel friends and family members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    … especially Uncle Roy.

    ^ 88 … even money on the Bobcats…. … second round at the best….
    Karma is a b$tch.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’m thinking like FergusWolf. If UNC we’re having a crap year how many games ago would we have seen PJ suit up?


    PJ would have given the holes another excellent 3-point threat opposite Paige…too bad! I am sick and tired of the misappropriation of the word ‘mistake’…BS, this is the Carolina Way in full view for anyone that cares to look.




    In Memoriam:


    Man … this is worse than Haiti. Again.


    ‘Ol Roy…..he mad!


    This seems like the first significant price UNC has paid for all of its many, many transgressions. I really figured they’d get away with this just like all the rest (never mind Butchie Boy and Baddour losing their jobs, that didn’t hurt). I’m stunned. It’s a Festivus miracle!



    Seems pretty simple – U*NX did not even apply to get him reinstated. Why? Seems to me like they found out a lot more than they wanted to admit, and a lot more that they did not want the NCAA to find out about.

    Now, by throwing him off the team, he does not have to answer questions (a la Lance Thomas) as the NCAA does not have subpoena power.


    Mike, it really does make you wonder just how bad it was. There has to be a lot more there than just free cars for life.


    ^^ My feeling exactly Mike.


    Mr. Dog….

    Are you watching this bball game… ??

    Live from the Carrier Dome…. upset alert!

    At the half… High Point College 34

    and those mighty WesternNewYorkers–
    the ‘Cuse of Boheimia — 37

    I wonder what things Jimmy might mention to his boys at the half??

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Another upset alert – the Pack women lead #12 LSU 51-42 with 15:42 to go…


    Wolfpack Women blowing out LSU 85-71 with under a minute left…

    Final:89-79, Women now 11-1.


    It makes you wonder what exactly would have to come out in order for them to be hit with LOIC. I mean, really. No other athletic department in history has had so many transgressions PROVEN and gotten off with so little punishment. Losing him isn’t even a drop in the bucket of what should happen. There are banners in that place that are tainted, even more than their fictional Helms Foundation one, that should be ripped to shreds. That whole place should be burning for what they’ve done. Yet it is barely a blip on the national radar. I’m grateful for the torch that has been carried by our brethren to even bring this stuff to light, but I will not be satisfied until they are justly punished. And I feel that I just will never be satisfied, because it just won’t happen.


    Thank goodness another rogue is removed from an otherwise spotless institute. If they keep getting rid of the rogues, they’ll need to be renamed Swiss Cheese University.


    Pure speculation on my part…but you can read multiple articles and accounts and they all have the same “rest of the story” theme….sort of between the lines or in that same context.

    There was a deliberate and well planned exaction this afternoon on Franklin Street.

    Bubba Cunningham and the AD Lawyers, without the help or knowledge of the Compliance guys, three a young player UNDER the bus….THEN made sure it backed up and pulled forward.

    In other words, PJ was sacrificed so that McDonald could play and that it would END there.

    PJ’s family’s statement seemed a bit odd with Jeff Gravley read it tonight at 6:00. BUT, if you then read all the accounts and a few details and key words were found….it fit.

    UNC suspended PJ. In order to reinstate him, they had to notify the NCAA as to their LOGIC for such….OUCH…..that might have been very self incriminating.

    I know NOTHING, as Butch was heard to utter, about whether OTHER members of Roy’s blue clad hoopsters were involved….other than McDonald.

    BUT, it would appear, for the betterment of the team, that having McDonald IMMEDIATELY would make more impact and that getting the NCAA to go along with this little farce was probably going to take MORE political capital that UNC and Johnny Swofford was willing to expend….

    PJ’s family was MIFFED….but I suspect that they were told to buck up and smile….as all the donations that Old Roy had made to the local Police Benevolent Funds and the other little contributions to the DA’s Children Christmas parties had resulted in PJ being given the USUAL UNC treatment.

    He is gone. Most of the rest of the civilized world and probably a few billion Chinese are NOT going to be talking about this tomorrow morning…

    Congrats to the Lady Wolves…..wonder is Wes Moore will get a contract revision for Christmas or Valentine’s day or if it will come from the Easter Bunny…..but it WILL be nice and it WILL happen….


    Thank goodness another rogue is removed from an otherwise spotless institute.

    Love it.

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