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Crazy Train… of agony

In 1980, Ozzy Osborne released his first solo single called, it was titled Crazy Train. It’ is now one of the most recognizable riffs in rock history. Today the ringtone based on the song has reached double platinum with over 1,750,000 downloads. Hell, it’s even used by the New England Patriots when they enter the […]

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It only took 43 years: Wolfpack Club makes move to improve Carter Finley traffic flow

Alternative Title: After 43 years, Wolfpack Club takes leadership of Athletics Department’s responsibility (again) After last week’s game against South Carolina, SFN opened an interesting thread on the message boards asking people to share their ‘non-football’ experiences at Carter-Finley. As a Stadium SE permit holder, I have noticed the last several years that nobody has […]

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Carter-Finley Karaoke

NC State’s athletic department is currently taking votes for a sing-along anthem to be played between the third and fourth quarters at Carter-Finley Stadium. You can find the article and vote here. Let’s take a look at the 3 songs mentioned in the first paragraph of the article. First, “Sweet Caroline” was played at […]

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