Crazy Train… of agony

In 1980, Ozzy Osborne released his first solo single called, it was titled Crazy Train. It’ is now one of the most recognizable riffs in rock history. Today the ringtone based on the song has reached double platinum with over 1,750,000 downloads. Hell, it’s even used by the New England Patriots when they enter the field before a game and played for Chipper Jones when he comes to the plate for the Atlanta Braves.

More importantly, to us, it’s played as the Wolfpack take the field for home football games… and I hate it. Every game this year my friends and I made fun of the song, then put our heads down in embarrassment as the disco bass riff rang out through The Carter. And one can only imagine what a 17 year-old recruit born in 1993 would be thinking as the Soul-Train-like graphic steams across the video screen.

I am 33 (I imagine I am in the median or mean of the ages of Wolfpack fans) and Crazy Train is old and outdated to ME! We’ve had such good intro songs in the past, why did we switch directions and go with Crazy Train?

“Here comes the BOOM!”  POD exudes getting hype, you can’t help but feel an adrenaline rush when you hear that song. It even has the line “Here comes the boys from the South”.

Then there is “The Slam“  by Toby Mac. Not as hype, but still a good song. Hell, I thought Tank Tyler’s song “Welcome to the Carter” would have been great! I mean, it’s made in house practically and specifically about our stadium!

Anyways, given the lack of news lately and this coming to my mind this morning I thought I’d see what others think about this. When commenting, post your age with your comment and if you attend home games regularly just to see if demographic matters in this discussion. Also, if you can remember the year and song intro from other years I would like to compile an accurate list.

Intro songs through the years (thanks to WV Wolf):

Welcome to the Jungle by GnR / Van Halen’s Right Now (Big Plays Big Days) / Aerosmith’s Back in the Saddle /  Bodies by Drowning Pool / P.O.D.’s Boom /  Meaning of Life by Disturbed /  Bring the Pain by Abstraxt / combo of The Battle from the Gladiator soundtrack and Blind by Korn

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I grew up on Jones Franklin Rd with a Wolfpack banner hanging over my bed. UNCW class of 2001.

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    In 1980, Ozzy Osborne released his first solo single called, it was titled Crazy Train. It’ is now one of the most recognizable riffs in rock history.
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    I’m diggin Tank’s song, but don’t think the speaker system could handle the bass required to really pump the song. So my vote is to return to the Boom. Plus, with Boom, you don’t have to play the whole song to get the idea.

    WV Wolf

    I can fill in some of the history of entrance themes. I used to make a CD that I would add all the entrance themes to but I haven’t updated it in several years so I am missing the songs from the past few years.

    Back in the O’Cain days we used Welcome to the Jungle and Van Halen’s Right Now (Big Plays Big Days)

    Under Chuck we used wrestler Goldberg’s theme for the Arkansas St game but it was raining so hard nobody could hear it. The rest of the year we used Aerosmith’s Back in the Saddle.

    The Gator Bowl year was Bodies by Drowning Pool, which would get my vote for the favorite.

    Other songs we used besides P.O.D.’s Boom were Meaning of Life by Disturbed, Bring the Pain by Abstraxt and the combo of The Battle from the Gladiator soundtrack and Blind by Korn that was used with the communist propaganda video.


    Bodies by Drowning Pool was by far the best ever. The student section would just go ape-*** over that.

    Tank’s song should get some play though. Got to show some love to our own!


    The song “Crazy Train” doesn’t bother me, but the video is lame. Two things that do bother me are the guy with Tourette’s syndrome that has his finger on wolf howl button, and when someone refers to Carter-Finley Stadium as “The Carter”.

    I’ll say this, if we’re down to bitching about the entrance music, this team has come a long way. Age 39.


    Always liked Boom and Bodies, but both might be a bit outdated…

    We played “All I Do Is Win” (DJ Khaled) in a break very late in the FSU game and I really liked it (of course it was ruined by being followed-up with “Who Let the Dogs Out” wtf?). Idk about using it for an entrance song, but it seems to be working for Auburn this year.

    There’s always more Thunderstruck…
    Age 27


    Why not play the Wolfpack fight song when the team runs onto the field?


    Tank also has the original Welcome to the Carter song


    @RedPRS22 I DO like Thunderstruck for kickoffs. I think it’s pretty dang perfect for that situation somehow. I mean, I don’t even like that song (or AC/DC) but I really get into the drum beat driving the crowd into a controlled frenzy.


    @Paramarine I understand your point, but if I’m paying $50 a game, I feel I’ve purchased the right to bitch about any and all parts of the production 🙂


    61Packer: Why not play the Wolfpack fight song when the team runs onto the field?

    …you know, I could get on board with that.


    Fight song without a doubt.

    Although I must admit watching a game at Williams Brice and 2001 Space Odyssey was awesome the way the band played it. As a visitor, I was ready to suit up for the Garnet and Black.

    WV Wolf

    “Why not play the Wolfpack fight song when the team runs onto the field?”

    We do. We’re talking about the song that is played to pump up the crowd before the team runs on the field.

    I’ve got to admit, when you go to Lane Stadium and the first few notes of Enter Sandman comes on and the place just goes completely nuts is pretty cool. It would be nice to recreate that at C-F.


    Crazy Train isn’t bad…if it were an instrumental. Good rock never goes out of fashion, though lyrics do 🙂

    My favorites are definitely Bodies and Boom. It seems like everyone likes these.

    There is so much that needs to go into finding a good intro song, I understand the challenge. You need something that ramps ups and builds into excitement….one of the reasons why I think folks like Bodies and Boom so much.

    You also need something that’s not gonna offend the fuddy duddies or give the young’ins bad thoughts 🙂 I can’t imagine it’s that easy of a job.

    I’m thinking maybe for the basketball team they could do “Mad World”?


    Crazy Train is neither here nor there for me.

    Boom has always gotten a lot of positive play in these discussions – I don’t think you could go wrong with that one.

    Somewhere there’s an email address to write the athletics department about your game-day experience and they seem to actually awant to listen. I’d suggest writing if you have ideas. If enough people say Boom, it’s gonna be Boom.


    BAM- I actually like Thunderstruck for the entrance too, I was only being somewhat facetious. We’d have to WAY scale back on in-game Thunderstrikes however.


    I think we should start a petition to bring BOOM back. I wonder what other schools use it. It would be nice to “own” a song like VT does with ‘Enter Sandman’. I’ve never been to an UNC home game, is it true they use ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ by Metallica? If so, that’s a shame. I LOVE that song for a getting the crowd pumped up song.

    sidenote: P.O.D. has a new album coming out in 2011. I say as soon as it comes out ‘we’ (as in whoever makes these decisions for NCSU) scour it for a good tune to call dibs on and try it out.


    Some of you put too much stock into this. Just take it for what it is. I personally was fine with this year’s entrance theme.

    It would be nice to grab a song and stick with it, but it’s hard to make a fantastic entrance tradition when the product on the field is traditionally not very good. Why else would Enter Sandman still be working for Virginia Tech? If they were churning out 5, 6, 7 wins every year, I can promise you that Metallica wouldn’t be blaring through the PA system every season.


    Might I nominate two that I would love to hear chosen next?

    Tick Tick Boom – by The Hives


    Horseshoes and Hand Grenades – by Green Day (w/ some overdubbing of a handful of words that wouldn’t fly for a family type atmosphere)


    WV Wolf –
    Bodies was used during the 2001 season, not 2002. Boom was played during 2002 and 2003.

    As for disliking Crazy Train, that is but one opinion.
    I work with teenagers, and they eat up the sounds of the 80s b/c that is what their parents play. I often talk music with the kids, and besides listening to contemporary tunes, they dig the older stuff.

    No recruit or younger fan will be turned off by Ozzy or AC/DC b/c of the music’s age. That would be akin to saying that no one under 30 listens to the Beatles or the Stones b/c they are “old” bands, yet these remain two of the most downloaded artists on Itunes.

    So hang your head, BAM. But I enjoyed our pregame every game this season.


    “I work with teenagers, and they eat up the sounds of the 80s b/c that is what their parents play.”

    And those are probably white kids playing Modern Warfare Black Ops instead of football. Hope the ACLU doesn’t see this comment!

    p.s. I’m 33 and hate the Beatles and Stones. Hate is a strong word, I need a stronger one… loathe. Yes, that sums it up 🙂


    Iron Maiden’s Two Minutes to Midnight could be pretty intense.

    For UNC, they should consider “Breaking The Law”


    Fight song out of the tunnel but Frank Zappa’s Zomby Woof during those times when they feel compelled to play something.


    No BAM…these are academics and athletes, including football players.
    No offense, but you are stereotyping.

    WV Wolf

    wolfpack95, now that you mention it, you’re right that Boom was in 02 for the Gator Bowl year. The Canes also used Boom in 02 and went to the Stanley Cup finals. Next year with no Boom, Pack went 7-5 and the Canes were last in the league…

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