Financing College Athletics – Part 4

RECAP OF PREVIOUS ENTRIES – The US Dept of Education collects information on financing college athletics from colleges/universities and makes this information publically available at Equity in Athletics (EIA). Most articles you see on this subject take their information straight from this website with an unstated assumption that this information is uniformly prepared and provides […]

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Financing College Sports – Part Two

Written by VAWolf, posted by SFN: In the first installment of this series, we set the framework of how to look at financial reporting in college athletics with the following statement: Information is only as accurate and complete as what the individual schools choose to report. There is NO consistent set of standards or normalizing […]

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Financing College Sports – Part One (Major update & additions 10:30am)

This piece is the first in a series of related entries that I am doing to discuss the funding behind big-time college athletics. At a minimum, I intend to break down the articles along these lines: (1) Introduction and Organizational Analysis (this entry): (2) A Closer Look at the Numbers (3) Athletic Dept finances across […]

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