Marvin Facebooks!

Just when you thought all the rocks were turned over, our man Marvin comes through and provides some more great material!   I am sure most of you heard about this, but apparently our man has given up Twittering but taken up Facebook!  Which is great for us! Yesterday it came to light that our man […]

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University Asks Student To Take Down Facebook Group “John Wall PLEASE Come to State”

NC State’s Director of Compliance asked a student Thursday to shutter his ‘John Wall to State’ group on Facebook.  Michelle Lee, the Interim AD for Compliance, feared that the appeal violated NCAA recruiting rule 13.02.13: From the front page of today’s News & Observer: Thursday morning, N.C. State asked Taylor Moseley, a freshman, to shut […]

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Are You on Facebook?

I know what you more mature readers are asking and saying right now Facebook? Is this a joke? What college student has taken over SFN? Well, this is not a joke. After reading dozens of articles in the past year in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune and other business magazines SFN (and […]

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