Maybe the lightning strike can help finish the Belltower?

Lightning struck NC State’s Memorial Belltower this week. (Link)

With graduation two days away, N.C. State University is scrambling to fix the crown on a campus jewel. It’s bringing in a platform lift to hoist a 1,500-pound hunk of granite back into place atop the bell tower after a bolt of lightning knocked it loose.

The jolt, delivered Tuesday evening, also dislodged a smaller piece of stone, which fell to the ground and was picked up by a souvenir-hunter.

The whole incident just adds to the tower’s mystique, said Dr. Tom Stafford, vice chancellor for student affairs and one of two resident bell tower experts.

Ahh, yes. Tom Stafford. Spending time on the important stuff like being a ‘bell tower expert’. Whether you are new or old to SFN you should surf our Tags of Tom Stafford for some of our best non-sports conversations ever.

You may not be aware that a major effort is underway to complete Bellltower that I never realized that wasn’t finished. You should click here to catch up on a very interesting project. Additionally, this FaceBook page has been tracking Belltower developments in the media and is a good page.

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5 Responses to Maybe the lightning strike can help finish the Belltower?

  1. Cosmo96 05/09/2009 at 10:16 AM #

    During my Junior and Senior years (’94-’96), I lived on Chamberlain St., about a block away from campus on the other side of Hillsborough St. It was a very short walk from my house to the belltower, so any chimes could easily be heard from my house. Anyway, I remember that there was a period of time when the tower would play the fight songs and the Alma Mater at noon every day. I thought that was pretty cool, but didn’t realize until now that there weren’t actually bells in the tower.

  2. McCallum 05/09/2009 at 11:26 AM #

    Major edit: the jackleg is question was provost Phillip Stiles not Tom Stafford. Apologies to Tom “Mora” Stafford.

    Phillip Stiles was a pain in the back end for the very longest of times.

    His first great effort was to reorganize the colleges within the university back in the early 90’s. His theory was that schools upon which the university makes little claim to excellence, specifically CHASS, would see greater enrollment and in doing that he thought it might be better to reorganize the schools upon which the university does make claim to excellence, engineering, ag and life science, textiles, forestry, and design. The idea was to take the savings from the supposed reorganization of the schools that brought in the research dollars and use that to supplement the growth of CHASS.

    His big mistake was not to simply ram this through but instead he held a number of town hall type meetings where he explained his goals. I’m not sure how he fared in the other schools but his little talk at Williams Hall to the Ag and Life Sciences people resulted in a public beating of the likes I have rarely seen. Professor after professor took him to task concerning his lifting of monies which were to benefit CHASS and the resulting lack of quality graduate students that would be drawn to Ag, Eng, Tex, etc and the resulting impact on the undergraduate programs. Stiles was blown away. Seems that he had not pondered that issue and once he showed that he was ill at ease the crowd went for blood.

    I booed him the day I finished undergrad school. His scheme failed and State was the better for it. Now I read he is meddling in other things and being a royal pain in the a$$ once more. The guy was fished out of the Ivy League if I recall properly and for gosh sakes someone put him in a circus cannon and fire him back north.

    Yet another reason I give no money to State. All institutions have people like Stiles but no place on earth has as many like him as State.

    BTW: is it just me or does Stafford still look like Jim Mora?


  3. old13 05/09/2009 at 10:52 AM #

    If Tom Stafford is in charge of this, I expect the tower to be torn down and replaced by a Security from Fans/Alumni & Student Harassment shack resembling an outhouse.

  4. JEOH2 05/09/2009 at 2:02 PM #

    Tom Stafford IS Jim Mora Sr! People in Student Government Took Notice and That Became a Running Joke for a Few Years…

    btw, and Today’s Graduation the Chancellor did his “Student Stories” section, in which he speaks on the accomplishments of various students at the University. The student then stands up and is acknowledged by the crowd. An awkward moment took place when he went to recognize Costner, McCauley, and Fells…and everyone looked around to find that they didn’t show up…

  5. McCallum 05/09/2009 at 4:04 PM #

    And another thing: I was one of the guys that left those BBQ pig remains on the front door of Delta Sig for all those years.

    Just drove right up to the front door on Sunday morning on the way to church and tossed them out the back of the pickup.


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