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    Big ol’ fat YAWN.




    Gonzaga has a great coach. That would be a nice replacement. Gott makes about 1 million more in salary. Mark Few has been quite successful at Gonzaga. Just wonder if we could entice him. If so I would take him over Archie. Just my opinion though. He definitely could keep the team intact, with his record at the Zags. We need a coach who can build a program like K, and Roy, and be around til retirement.


    Few isn’t leaving Gonzaga for NC State. No chance.


    And Bill – as a middle aged wolf, I tend to agree. However, some things should be sacred and some lines simply can’t be crossed and more successful coaches have been forced to resign for crossing them.

    I’d agree that some lines shouldn’t be crossed… but we both know about The “Gray Area”… and it’s ain’t that simple…

    On top of that…If GOTT had pulled it off… bringing in all these new guys, getting them to play together, play solid Defense and sharp Offense, winning 20 plus games by the first week of February and a Top 15 ranking…

    NOBODY would be talking about what happens before or after practice… NOBODY!

    As it is…

    May, 2016 —
    “As always, should you or any of your Staff be caught or killed, the University will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Coach.”

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    We had a game? I coached both kids basketball games and played some tennis. With weather this nice why waste it on this team? Gottb isn’t even trying at this point.

    Shit, you play el tenis?? I was pissed my buddy couldn’t play this weekend. We should hit around sometime (unless you are better than a 3.5, then I prolly can’t hang). I apologize in advance for the swearing.

    I would enjoy playing you. I have been told I am right around a 3.5.


    Gott had a lot of baggage on and off the court when we hired him. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes. Given Yow’s known him since he was 18, she had to have known. Previous transgressions had to have been discussed minimally as part of the hiring process.

    I’d guess he’s been as he’s been the entire time he was here (thus the divorce). The fact that people care now is because we’re not winning. Win big and no one cares what you do in your personal life, unless you use school resources to do so in a way that is so blatant that the administration had no choice (see Petrino at Arkansas). I personally do not care unless it’s illegal. The rumors are probably flying now because people want to “get right” with a decision that must be made. It’s stupid — the decision should be about performance and this is the 4th year under Gott we’ve clearly under performed. That alone should be enough for a pink slip, regardless of other “noise.” Now if it makes the buy out cheaper, then that’s just the politics that come with big $$$$.

    I personally believe that Lowe’s firing was know at least a week before the actual announcement. The other site (which often times directly reflects the “position” of the AD) had a front page article posted that said as much with about that timing. I didn’t think Sid was a good coach, thought he was a horrible program steward and felt like it was time for it to end, but he was one of us and I felt deserved respect. When I called them on it, they made up some garbage excuse like it was just linked content that they couldn’t control, but then it was taken down within a couple of hours. They knew.


    any word on BJDs thought (or Bills tree) re:Gott taking a buyout and walking away? its past noon and we are still waiting. I have also heard recently that Archie is at least interested in the job, which is great news if true


    Re: Gott – he must go immediately. I stated as such earlier. No need for him to be around the program any longer when we can have an interim complete the season and work to keep the players we have in the fold while getting a head start on the coaching search.

    Secondly, Rick and BJD, maybe we can round up one more for some dubs? I used to be 4.0 but haven’t played much the past couple of years, so I am probably an average-ish 3.5 currently.


    There is your off-season event to look forward to – the recap of Rick’s 6-1, 6-1 dismantling of me. 😀

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