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    Of course, this is out of bounds off State.
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    great way to force a turnover, grab the other guys wrist (of course that is not part of what can be reviewed). same crap, different game. I guess we were not the “chosen one” again.


    I -like many i am sure – called the ending of this long before it happened: At the end of regulation, with us about to win, a foul, with no call on us, and then a foul called on us to give them the ball. Just like the end of the “Cuse game and ACC Tourney in ’12.

    There were others, but why does it matter…your post captures the feeling of being a State fan.

    The corruption is unjust. Christian lessons to “judge not…” is the only saving grace here.


    The only reason to care is we are stuck in the ACC and good many NCSU fans are stuck working with or living near UNC fans, thus we cannot ignore playing them.

    If we were out of the ACC, it would not matter one bit and we could get on with our lives.


    This is more evidence of the tendency for UN* players not to foul. Just ask John Clougherty.


    just got our a$$es rammed in like any other year

    what i’m really confused about is how did roy manage to lose a couple games to us in his entire career?


    seriously though, look at Roy’s record against NCSU in his entire career… he always seems to manage to win those close ones.. what a racket.


    Can we contact SEC now. Tired of this crap!


    At what point do we all have to look ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are INSANE for expecting anything else?

    Oh, I’d say at least 10 years ago for me.


    Everybody talking up the TJ Warren VS Paige shootout… meanwhile TJ Warren on the bench with 4 fouls while Paige has 0 for the entirety of regulation+overtime. ZERO.


    There is no excuse for what we witnessed tonight. Great job by our team and our coach. You cannot overcome such blatant one sided calls. The refs in this league are out of control and the three at the game tonight should all be fired.


    The officials were terrible all night, with some calls in our favor and most against. But that one was blatant, and say what you will, that call cost us the game. Yes, IF TJ had hit both free throws, we would have gone to 2nd OT. But IF they call that foul (mugging is more like it), the whole complxion is different.


    The other funny thing – when they went to review I told my sister at the game they cant review to see if he got fouled, they can only review to overturn who touched the ball last.

    I said this would not be overturned. They would likely see a foul but the call would stand and *NX would have the ball.


    You guys sound like bloody conspiracy theorists! One does need to admit we are losing games in strange fashion at the ends..and poor TJ Warren getting mugged on a regular basis and haven’t phantom foul calls on him. So how many years will we have to eat s*** over the Karl Hess thing? But honestly, why don’t we get the ball to our ball handlers in those end of game situations. We don’t have enough ball handlers?? Oh well, on to the next one, I expect these guys to bounce back.

    But here’s the old news, UNC and Duke know how to play physical defense-without fouling, and have been doing it for years, and he didn’t under Sid and we don’t under Gottfried (I don’t remember about Herb, well it was never that physical).


    Uh . . . In review post emotion watching now – amazed at this entire game – last minutes of the regulation just unreal w the fouls – at least one ref had a conscious.

    And the facts – giving a foul and putting state on the line on that last possession of OT actual gave UNC an advantage – as otherwise they at best only go to 2OT.

    This game changed me some way.

    There is a real business impact to State’s revenue for these types of games – it likely far exceeds, over a few years, any buyout clause from the ACC. This year alone may cost State and NCAA bid.


    Good teams find a way to win, folks. 0-2 against unc last two years in football, 0-2 this year alone in basketball, and got knocked out of the CWS by unc. Thems is the #s. They don’t lie. I’m glad I don’t have kids to send to school clad in state gear. It’d be near child abuse. Cheaters or not they’re winners. State is not.

    Did I mention good teams find a way to win? Just own the reality and stop complaing about some stupid conspiracy. It just makes this dismal pile of crap that is state athletic look even more like a joke. Complaining about the refs once or twice, fine. But not after every loss. So what if it is the refs? Stuff won’t change until state is the team the league needs to win. Worked for cuse, sans their game at duke. This is where we are. State sucks. It’s no one else’s fault.


    Please change the name of this site; it reflects poorly on the actual State Fans Nation when the “Whine about the refs” site calls itself by our name.


    Did I mention good teams find a way to win? Just own the reality and stop complaing about some stupid conspiracy. It just makes this dismal pile of crap that is state athletic look even more like a joke.

    ^There’s certainly validity to this.


    I am now firmly convinced that some posters on this site do not watch the basketball game – they make it their job to watch the officiating. They will comment on just about every call.

    I am in agreement that there were some questionable calls, and some no calls.

    With that said, what cannot be denied is we allowed Paige to get WIDE, and I mean WIDE, open several times, which turned the game around. Then, with the game on the line, we allow him to get to the rim with little resistance. What did you think was going to happen, folks? It is really perplexing. For whatever reason, our guys lose their lunch with games on the line. We just do not do the little things to win these games.

    And then there is the free throw shooting, which we never seem to improve, and then the turnovers. You go on down the line.

    You must admit there are basketball reasons why these games are not going our way. Either that, or you aren’t actually watching the basketball game.

    Was the officiating bad at times? Of course. Do I believe it is deliberate, as others seem to? Nope. And despite it all, was this game winnable with just a tightened screw or two? Absolutely.


    Do we not have any out-of-bounds plays??? They stand there. Nobody sets screens. I don’t get it !!

    Crappy refs and crappy coaching will guarantee a loss. I’m tired of eating at the kiddies table. Gott and Yow will never get us there!!


    Execution, folks. Here we go:

    “It’s definitely frustrating because it’s another game that we should have won but we just didn’t execute,” Turner said.

    “We should have executed more on defense at the end of that game,” Warren said.

    Hawkeye Whitney

    I wholeheartedly agree that the whining is getting to be too much. True, there were some questionable fouls, but what about the two ill-advised fouls that Warren committed? Some calls were missed, but what about Warren’s little hop, skip and shoot that probably should have been whistled as traveling? Maybe we lost because Gott didn’t try putting Cat on Paige to try to stop him. It sucks to lose one like this, but we didn’t have this one stolen from us.


    There are always questionable calls but I didn’t see them costing us the game. The outstanding play of Paige cost us the game. He was doing his best JJ Redick impersonation against us last night. Let’s face it, State knows how to bring out the best in Duke and UNC players. I’m proud of the team and coaches last night.


    While we all aspire to perfection…. and expect the same from others….

    It ain’t gonna happen.

    The kids did the ‘best’ they could do….
    Paige did them one, just one, better….
    Get over it…

    All the ref-conspiracy-bs goes out the window if we just do one thing….

    Have a Ten point lead with four minutes to play every night…
    And learn how to handle that…

    U of Miami in 28 hours…
    Our kids will bounce back faster than some of you guys…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    State played well – they had the ball at the end of regulation, tie ball game, with a chance win.

    State again had the ball at the end of OT w a tie ball game and a chance to win.

    We r a very crazy fan base – this is for sure. And we certainly have no confidence, much less expectations .

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