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    Good for TJ. Because of his emotional connection to WolfpackNation and his fantastic play he will go down as a fan favorite. Heck, in today’s ‘new wor
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    As Coach Gottfried said, we’ll look a lot different next year.

    This is just the way it is for just about every team and we are no different. The best coaches figure out ways to keep it going in this new NCAA.

    And no, we cannot afford to lose anyone else.


    I think it is pretty easy to say that everyone wishes TJ well, and that whichever team takes him will get a premier scorer on the cheap. I don’t see him going higher than mid-1st; but stranger things have happened.


    Great for TJ! Wish him the best. Everyone has to step up next year. I think Gott’s offense works better with more balanced scoring from all postions. Hope we can deliver.


    best of luck in the draft TJ.

    unassuming demeanor and scores seemingly effortlessly? Kevin Durant light.

    and yes we need to pursue another guard for next year. But can one of the Martin’s handle it also?

    Pack Leader

    CONGRATS TJ, hopefully he can sneak into the top 10, last I heard he was estimated around 13th (Suns).

    As for next year, I think Gott has done a GREAT job spacing ‘ships. Lewis transfer hurts, but not nearly as bad as Painters. At that time we had no backup to Deshawn other than DeThay (which we all know was a joke). I believe between Lee & Lacey they can share the backup PG roll, assuming ofcorse we miss on DEVONTE GRAHAM (WE WANT HIM!!!!)

    Lastly, Anya earns 1st Team All-Defense if he gets to 280 by opening day.


    TJ is an all-time Wolfpacker. Classy, awesome player to watch. I think he is still underrated as he goes to the NBA.

    Re. next year’s team, it looks good- potentially very good. One could see the talent starting to peek out of a lot of the youngsters; the development and greater potential was obvious. And it’s a team that really seems to be focused on TEAM. I was heartened when Cat made some comments connoting that late in the season, after Tyler had begun starting. This year Gott did a hell of a job of coaching through the season. I have higher expectations for next year than I would have thought a couple months ago.


    If the rising sophomores grow into their potential (judging from the latter part of this season), the Pack could be a pretty balanced team. Although I still have some concerns about ball distribution and outside shooting. But hey, I’ve had those concerns pretty much since about 1991.

    Sweet jumper

    Best wishes TJ. You are ready. Now go kick some ass in the NBA. I enjoyed watching both you and your dad play for the Pack.

    Some observations:

    1. Purvis sure is close to championships. He decommitted from Louisville to play at State last year and Louisville then won the national championship. He then transferred from State to UConn after his freshman year and UConn wins national championship last night during his redshirt year. I think he gets a ring as a member of UConn team. Is he the next Kemba/Shabaz? Doubt it but we will see.
    2. UConn was banned from NCAA tourney last year for graduation rate issues several years ago. UNX is giving away grades in no show classes and diplomas in no show majors for years and nobody in the media will report on this disconnect and the NCAA apparently does not give a damn.
    3. ’83 Pack was not as big a Cinderella as reported. That team won six games against teams ranked #1 at some time during the season–UVA twice, UNX twice, UNLV and Houston. When they were healthy, they could beat anyone in the nation.


    I couldn’t be more excited for Buckets, and look forward to the day when his journey is honored. A great kid and great Wolfpacker.

    I am ALSO excited for the 10 solid players (all should be on the spectrum of pretty good to very good) we will have available next year. Yeah, an 11th player in the combo guard vein (so BSW never has to be moved to the 2) would be a nice bonus. We shall see. I think it’s good for these guys to know they will have to work and step up their games, individually and as a group. No leaning on Buckets to bail us out. I think these guys will work hard for each other, and that our beloved King Hippo will step up as a vocal leader (remember, my prediction is 2nd team all-ACC, at minimum).

    With more experience and minutes, I expect Hipster/Heidi/Other Cat will contend for DPOY.

    BSW stepped up big in the game Buckets missed last season. And he was much more consistent in the “second scorer” role late. Playing at his more natural 3 position will help tremedously, as it did with original Scott Wood.

    If KW can get just a little more definition and play a tad more physical, we will have a formidable 4-man lowpost rotation, with pretty incredible skill. We will love seeing Frenchie Le Nard shoot 70+ percent from the FT line next season.


    Also about the 83 team, they were beating UVA when Whit got hurt. Most of the losses were while Whit was on the bench. But that allowed Ernie, Gannon and others to develop. It all came together.

    So, since Purvis is close to Championships, that means we win one during the next two years when he would have been here, right?


    Not sure we need another guard yet. With past discussion of Gott using a smaller bench, whether it is a pattern or symptom who knows, would an 11th player just be disgruntled. He needs a great PG and SG to come in the following year when Cat is a Jr and Lacey is a Sr.
    I would take DEVONTE GRAHAM, but does he realize he is going to be a back up for several years and may never be a full ACC caliber starter.


    He needs a great PG and SG to come in the following year when Cat is a Jr and Lacey is a Sr.

    That good shooting guard you are talking about could be making his decision pretty soon. Class of 2015 4 star SG Franklin Howard is planning to make his decision pretty soon and State is in his final group of schools. Consensus is that he will pick Syracuse though.


    Congratulationsto TJ! Wish he would have stuck around to win as a top tier team but the ACC POY has to go.

    @Rodney- I am telling you for a kid that we had so much trouble getting academically qualified he is coming off as a genius choosing UCONN. Getting good advice on that front. Some kids just have a nose about teams. They have him on the roster but since he is redshirted? I wonder if he partakes. He practices with them. The kid will likely be a starter next year. He is a smart kid. I thought he was one of the brightest ones we had on the floor. He is going pro after his senior year. Interesting @ Louisville. Even with not so great attitude, the kid is a winner.


    If App will release Devonte Graham, he might be an option.


    Look for Kyle Washington to have a breakout year next year. Smart, hard worker, opportunistic, a great attitude, just needs to gain more confidence.


    BSW stepped up big in the game Buckets missed last season. And he was much more consistent in the “second scorer” role late. Playing at his more natural 3 position will help tremedously, as it did with original Scott Wood.

    Best of luck to Warren. The son of a solid Wolfpack player became a real star and he seems like a class young man to boot. I don’t think he’s ready to contribute in the NBA yet, but once he improves his shot (see Clyde Drexler) he could easily be a poor man’s KD.

    Playing BSW at the 3 puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the 4 & 5 to do almost all of the rebounding. TJ’s rebounding from the 3 spot was key to keeping us from getting totally destroyed on the boards this past season. That’s the one thing that makes me nervous about BSW at the 3. I’m not sure that KW will ever have the shot or the handles to play there but you might be able to steal some minutes by using him there for 3-4 minute stretches.

    I love this sophomore class. If Cat doesn’t bolt for the NBA after next year, we might be unreal in 15-16. I don’t think being really, really good is out of the question for 14-15.


    I hope TJ can remain as close as possible to the program. He is a guy that I really hope will continue to work on his degree. Let’s hang that Jersey as soon as possible!

    Good Luck in the NBA TJ! Make us proud!
    GO PACK!


    I wish he could have stayed another year, but figured this would happen. So good luck in the NBA. Guess we can focus on baseball now. After faltering for 10 games in the ACC, the baseball team seemed to find themselves in the Clemson series in SC this weekend. Watched it on TV, Sunday, and Monday, where we won, taking 2 of 3 from a good Clemson team. Hope we continue on that track, and return to the team of last year, and perhaps another CWS visit. Go Pack!


    like there really was any doubt. Gott needs to work his magic. I liked the attitude of this years team. Gone are all the players that Lowe promised a scholarship to. It took years to rid ourselves of the cancer of the C.J. Leslie years. These are Gotts players now. Its Cat’s team. My friend said Cat is just another Ryan Harrow. I vehemently disagree. I expect to make the tournament. I expect to be in the upper half of the league probably 5 to 7 range. Turner and Lacy as a couple of sharp shooters can really stretch the defense. Hungry Hungry Hippo needs to develop his up and under move, baby hook, step back straight on shot from near the basket. Cat needs to sharpen up his threes. FOR GOD’S SAKE EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHOOT 1000 free throws everyday. Build on success. I am slip into depression until the season starts again. These long months. Maybe football can stave off depression. WTNY


    TJ would have been a fool to stay. His stock is hot. Borderline lottery and even with his return our ceiling is 6th in ACC.

    There is 90% confidence level that we will never finish ahead of the top 4 programs with Gottfried:
    1- Duke
    2- UNC
    3- Syracuse
    4- Louisville

    So TJ stays and MAYBE move up 5 spots in the draft and finish between 5th and 10th in ACC for another bubble season?

    Schools with as much or more upside potential than us next season:
    5- UVA
    6- Pittsburgh
    7- Clemson
    8- Flordia State

    Schools that will challenge us in the Gottfried era:
    9- Notre Dame
    10- Miami
    11- Wake Forest
    12- GA Tech
    13- VA Tech (this one’s sad ain’t it)

    WTF loss really isn’t a WTF b/c we don’t play D:
    14- BC


    Wow. Just wow.


    Christ, 44. Pessimistic much? I don’t know what the ceiling is under Gott but I know it’s higher than under any coach since V. And his teams play an aesthetically cool style. The top of the acc is tough as hell now, but if you have so little hope that we can get there or even in the conversation feel free to tune out rather than watch and expect the worst. I sure as hell don’t foresee a static stratification of the acc with State leaning towards the bottom, neither subjectively nor objectively.


    Lol. 44 is on a crusade. He’s SFN’s version of Al Sharpton, with a bit of undertaker mixed in.


    I see us finishing with a better record next year. Another NCAA berth. Challenges are the norm: Dook, Syracuse, Louisville, UNX. The rest of the ACC is either in flux (like us) or not as good as us imo. Our guys really started to get it towards the end of the season, and I believe they will put the work in this summer and fall to get there.

    Proud of TJ. Ever watch The League? Well, TJ’s a class act lol. We basically knew he was gone (let’s be honest), so the guys were ready for this news.

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