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    Too many plays lost Coaches planned plays and players Wake made more to cost.
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    6 wins contract talks
    Wait until the season ends
    Might lose four of five

    We are what we are
    Snatch defeat from victory
    Is the Wolfpack way

    Feel bad for the kids
    Coaching and schemes are not good
    Oh what might have been


    Same s.hit
    Fans taken in
    Damn nations



    How do we correct? Do we keep repeating with the same results? Insanity! Again is this Money? Is this Management?


    15 was the lucky number for Wake, Ingram burned all day by Woolford, and Finley doing what he does so well at the end of game, with the game on the line. Another stupid loss.


    Big missed opportunity.


    Beer budget

    Champagne lifestyle dreams

    Busch Light



    Still in disbelief we lost to them when we had a clear advantage of playing them while they had to play through the distraction of playing on SENIOR DAY!


    Senior day for life.
    Distractions. Yikes. Distractions.
    Putt putt golf is hard.


    Not a Haiku, but I titled this one An Ode to Seniors

    Don’t be mad fellows, our team did their best.
    Deacs just forgot it was senior day, nothing less.


    Fans of the Wolfpack,
    Drop your torches and pitchforks,
    Excrement occurs.


    It used to be you had to wait 1 or 2 years for a talented State recruit to finally produce on the field but at least you would see the player flash his skills along the way. How long is it going to take DD to get his act together? 6,7,10, 12 years? I’m not seeing any flashes of great coaching along the way. All the progress that posters discuss seems to have escaped the administration as well if it is indeed true DD was gone with a loss to unx last year.

    Everything is cool though , I get to spend the off season reading about the vaunted, returning offense filled with juniors and seniors. Finley and company could average 45 points a game but the “I thought you had him” back seven will give up 60 points. There was a time when State could obtain high quality linebackers but now it’s below average db central.


    Here I sit
    All sad and humbled,
    Tried to score
    But only fumbled.


    Here I sit
    All sad and humbled,
    Tried to score
    But only fumbled.

    Dang, reminds me of the other version:

    Here I sat broken hearted,
    Paid a nickel to shix,
    but only farted.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    In my eyes we have reached a state of equilibrium. The losses don’t piss me off any more than the wins (see BC last week). I feel sorry for the kids. We have the talent to be better than our record would indicate. I’m to the point where watching a State game is not entertaining. We’ve played some inspired games this year but the eggs laid really have me frustrated. I’m ready for a change.


    I guess if Coach gets us to Charlotte next month, a contract extension is in the works.


    Sunshine squad says ten
    Prediction from realist
    DD wins eight tops

    All down to last week
    To avoid four out of five
    Must beat arch rival

    If Wolfpack wins eight
    Automatic extension
    Thank you AD Yow

    Football version of
    Chop wood day tight compartment
    Where is ASU?


    I’m calling bullsh#t
    on roundball on grass with pads
    just run the damn ball

    I’m calling bullsh#t
    on hotdog OCs and kodak moments
    just run the damn ball

    In the fourth quarter
    with a close game in your hands
    just run the damn ball


    Kids will make mistakes
    some breaks fall your way, some don’t
    coaches gotta coach
    players gotta play
    you win in spite of mistakes and breaks
    just run the damn ball


    the cheaters are next
    the redemption game for all
    just run the damn ball

    up and down the field
    all game long
    pound them in the dirt

    tackle them hard
    even when they don’t have the ball
    pound them into hell

    with their pretty faces looking up

    575+595+575+575+595+575+535+575 == 8*(5+7+5)

    that plus 8 == sqrt(O/U) / 2 .’ next Saturday ‘;

    you gotta know the rules, and know how to break ’em correctly….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I just wish DD could build a better program than Wake.
    We always talk about bad luck but things actual went our way this year. Fsu and Louisville were down. Senior team. Clemson at home and they were beatable. But what we end up with is beating one team with a winning record.


    Rick we are in the same boat. I have watched this season go by while everyone was preaching how great we are. We are building a program the right way with all this senior talent etc is what they said. FSU and UL are not very good, but everyone wanted to make a big deal about us beating them. Truth of matter is we beat up on teams who are just not as good as we are. Any team with close to the same talent and a decent coach beat us. I am tired of folks defending DD. The only way anyone should be ok with DD is if they are ok with our ceiling being average.


    Hey Rick, actually beat 4 teams with winning record..
    BC, Louisville and don’t forget out FC league: Marshall and Furman 🙂 ?


    I read that somewhere. Thanks for the correction.


    No correction, I’m not smart enough for that ?
    I wasn’t sure if the FCB wins even count!


    Harmon dropped two wide open passes, Jay Sam tried to one hand grab a pass that would’ve had him I believe inside the 20 yard line and of course the freshman tried to stretch the ball out inside of CONTINUING TO RUN on into the end zone. The plays were there for us to blow those azz clowns out. My biggest problem outside of those mistakes is NC State being able to ONLY get off 3 plays in the last 46 seconds, one of which was aided by a 15 yard penalty for us.

    Beer budget with Champagne dreams… better way to say that. Remember that little saying when everyone is wanting a new coach. I don’t think it will matter who is on the sidelines.


    My observation
    We played a team on the rise
    Made mistakes too often

    I am very disappointed with the outcome of the game but not surprised. Not because of our play but because Wake has shown dramatic improvement through the year. Yes, I know, it’s Wake Forest, but under Clawson they show improvement through the year and play better ball at the end of each year than early in the season.
    While I have seen year to year development, I don’t see as much development over the season in our own squad. How much of that year to year development is simply having a more experienced team versus good player development? We may find out next year.

    If we can match or improve over this season with the loss of the seniors -essentially both lines, the program development may be on course. If not, we may be the same old NC State and revert to the mean. Ugh.

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