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    Times like this would cause a man to pull up stakes, pack the Citation and head out for Mamou, Louisiana and the soothing music of Fred’s Lounge.

    DEATH TO chapel hill!!!

    Delenda est chapel hill!!



    If we give DD a contract extension based on a 1/2 of a season performance than we are idiots. I like our athletes but our coaching staff collectively makes routine stupid decisions during the game. It’s not about just recruiting it’s about running a well oiled machine of a program. Our program is like having a supercharged V8 with an owner who doesn’t see the need to change the oil routinely. Then when they do finally change the oil before the engine blows up, they do so with generic base layer Walmart oil.

    I’m so tired of this entire system in Raleigh where it’s apparently ok to spend everyone’s money on mediocrity. Then bitch at people for being impatient or lunatics. Here is a concept….Pay upfront for a proven manager/coach for a well oiled machine program. We are always picking the next up and coming super star lol. I’m not say DD has done bad (he has done just fine) but my gosh his coaching staff is all over the place. The decision making in games continues to astonish me. It’s as if we have a group of position coaches that can’t be game management coaches.


    This is DD’s best team and this is what we get? No more excuses “we are too young “, “ we building for the future “ blah blah blah. This was THE year and we blew it. That being said, we are NOT a football school and if DD is dismissed, who replaces him? Does anyone think we can lure Urban Meyer or Nick Saban – didn’t think so. Even if we did hire a coach of that caliber, does anyone think he would stay around- again, didn’t think so. So, as it has been stated here, we are what we are. I have accepted it – mediocrity is ours. Sure, one year we may stumble in to an ACC championship game, but winning will not be sustained long term. I have history to back me up. 1979, almost 40 years – need I say more?


    Shreveport, La here we come!


    We have the talent to be better than our record would indicate.

    Based on what?


    I’m sorry I think they have had a good season. Beginning of the year if you told me what our record would be 8-4 and 6-2 in the Atlantic division I would take it. Yeah the WF loss hurts. Step away and review after the season. The program is not in as bad as shape as you seem to think it is. Just my opinion.


    So close, yet so far
    A game, and year, of inches
    Just finish the Holes


    Before the year, I predicted 8-4. We can still hit it. Just beat UNC, and it will be a good year for DD. He’ll roll over a year automatically on the contract so there’s no need to extend it.

    Lose to UNC and it will get ugly. I don’t think it is happening.

    The picture seems clear with DD though. Those thinking we were winning 10+ this year may be starting to see it. I would argue that will be extremely hard to do if the best recruiting class is about 30th and still only the 5th or 6th best in the ACC.


    Rye I respect you
    Remind they fell short of ten
    In very strange way


    In three to five more years. Coach Doeren wil be the Coach we all want him to be…
    IF + IF + IF… he can continue to build his coaching staff to the that same level…

    I really believe that being the case, recruiting will take care of itself…
    but at the same time IF + IF + IF…

    IS frugal NCSU really ready to spend upwards of 700K a year EACH for an OC and DC ???

    F – R- U = G – A – L

    ya’ll tell me what that acronym stands for in context….


    That all being said,

    Let’s just hang 50 and SHUT OUT the Holes om three quarters and enjoy a good / great football season — depending on what section you sit in — where we exceeded most everyone’s expectations….

    Do that AND all the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘should-coulda-wouldas’ will also take care of themselves…

    I could say more, but won’t…since I’m still pissed off about the game against the Baptists…

    Good night Gents….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Bill is it Female risque undergraduates = grade A linebackers , no no wrong school but if site specific then Female Risque Undergrades = Geritol And Lechery, no no too Hollywoodish how bout Fabulous Recruitment of Undergraduates = Generous Amounts of Lucre?

    The non-filthy type.


    For all those assuming we are 8-4 and 6-2 in the ACC, we still have the Heels to play. I am hoping for a win, but am reminded that normally the team with the worse record, wins this game. We are their bowl game. So I wouldn’t consider it a gimme just yet.

    If we arent going to spend the money on the best coordinators money can buy then it is time for DD to go. Something has to give one way or the other. I am fine with DD as the HC as long as we shore up the crappie gameday coaching etc. I think new coordinators does that.


    I agree with you on UNC. It is a rivalry game and things do happen. The second part of your post I have issues with. For good or bad we do not have Texas or Alabama money so we will no pay for the best money can buy. If that means DD must go then we simply fold up the football program.


    WolftownVA81 wrote:

    We have the talent to be better than our record would indicate.

    Based on what?

    Opinion from watching our games this year. I can’t understand how we can be so inconsistent. Perhaps its the level of completion – I don’t know but I feel like we’ve under performed.


    Tractor what do you think we should do then, just enjoy 8-4 with no real hopes of a championship?


    As I see it we have two options – continue to build the program or fold the tent. Are we where I would hope? No. Are we improving? Yes. Are we inconsistent players and coaches? Yes. Since we don’t have Texas money we have to build not buy if we want any sort of football program.


    Exactly how are we improving, because FSU and UL are weaker?

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