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    Let me just start by mentioning that it appears Obama has solved global warming so I’m glad that fiasco is behind us.

    The new basketball floor looks awesome. More Tuffy is always welcome in my eyes.

    You guys make sure to show up for our “cowardly” schedule this season so Dave doesn’t toss our fan base under the bus.

    Anybody got any tips to build a raised garden? I’m looking way into the future but planning to build one for next spring at some point. How the heck do I level that sucker and ensure it doesn’t move and become ‘unlevel’? Is that not a prob I should really worry about?

    Rest of the MLB season is looking like it’s going to set up to be more intriguing than the average year.

    Hope you boys are enjoying the summer and making an effort whenever you can to remember to enjoy the moments. Have a great week.


    I wonder what it would take to convince skeptics anthropogenic global warming is real…..


    ……. which brings me to my next request. I’d like to become a forum moderator so I can ban anyone that I disagree with and make posts disappear. Thanks in advance.

    (j/k pakfanistan I like you and I would never delete your posts).


    TAT here’s what I can offer regarding the items you listed in the OP.

    1. We can all thank (insert current Prez’s name here) for the state of disarray we perceive our world to be in. It’s a fact that each and every president is at fault for every woe that befell our nation while they were in office. Of course, it’s also a fact that they will lay claim to the good fortunes that propel our nation forward. Unfortunately, neither is a fact based on truth.

    2. The basketball court floor is shiny and new. Yay! Oh look a squirrel! Oh wait, what was I talking about? Can we just win and let the record speak for itself?

    3. Football — see item 2 above.

    4. Raised bed gardens: first you have to dig a trench a bit below the original ground level. I’d recommend going about 8 to 10 inches below surface level. You might want to decide how big each bed should be. I recommend a 4ft by 4 ft square. It makes for easy reach into the space without stepping into the dirt if you don’t have to. I’m sure you can decide on what kind of lumber to use for your bedding walls. I suggest 2×6 or 2×8 boards bolted onto a 4×4 brace in each corner of the bed. Keeping everything level is easy. Just use a level. You can eyeball it too but I don’t think anyone is going to critique you too much for having a slightly off level garden bed.

    5. MLB – I don’t much care for the pros.

    6. Summer is always better when you can get out on the water. I prefer sailing on Jordan Lake.



    Your thorough and sound responses are appreciated, SQL!

    Didn’t realize I should somewhat bury a raised garden, at least not that deep. Is burying it necessary? Still doing research on the topic. The interweb says to use untreated cedar boards and from what I can gather you’re spot on with your design, however I was thinking 4ft by 8ft though. Any ideas regarding placement as far as partially shaded or full sun. I guess that depends on what I’m planting.


    I hope we give Doeren a little more time before revolting.

    We looked supremely outclassed O’Brien’s last two years. I think people underestimate the value of having Wilson and Glennon.

    Then you take that thin, physically less talented core, and take away the driver of the offense, and you’re left with a 3-8 record with no conference wins.

    I would say at least let the freshmen and sophomore classes matriculate up. Our roster this year will be more than half RS freshmen, or freshmen, I think. That’s a huge difference in experience and time in an S&C program compared to more well established programs.

    TAT, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve spoken up about global warming in the past, as a skeptic. I’m truly curious, what piece of evidence would be required to change your mind?


    As heard from the Ghosts on the South Smoking Porch at Reynolds…
    some of whom were CE’s… some of whom weren’t…

    RE: Raised Garden Beds…

    1. There’s nothing on God’s green earth that’s truly level…

    2. Following your diagram or sketch…Set your posts, square them up and brace/secure them temporarily… with two 2x4s per post set at 90 degrees…

    3. Use a builder’s level and a rod… not a four foot carpenter’s level… and mark the first post at the desired top of form and use level to copy that mark onto the other posts…. It doesn’t matter whether you go clockwise or counter-clockwise or skip around, just mark all the posts…

    4. Tie a mason’s string from the first mark and connect the rest of the marks….

    STOP… and look at what you GOTT…
    Make your adjustments…

    THEN… get the WIFE to come look at what you GOTT…
    Get a cold beer while wife is making up her mind….

    Adjust strings according to WIFE’s instructions….

    WHEN the WIFE has gone back in the house…
    You may start working again…

    REMEMBER THIS at all times… IF it looks right, it is right. Forget what the damn instrument says…

    5. Put two nails in each Corner of each FormBoard (2×6, 2×8.2×10 whatever you GOTT )…
    Do not hammer nails flush — leave 1/4″ so you can easily remove them… if necessary…

    6. Look at your sh&t again and adjust accordingly…

    7. Check and Re-square your posts if necessary…. and re-secure them tightly with braces…
    Sakcrete works nicely for this…1 bag ought to do 4 posts on this job…

    8. Clean up jobsite… Put tools away…
    Grab another cold beer ’cause you’re done for today…

    NEXT DAY….

    9. Backfill around OUTSIDE of Raised Bed as needed… Gently finish driving nails home…and remove corner Form braces…

    10. Some jobs in heavy clay soils may require some minimum drainage system… or 2″ of #57 driveway gravel in bottom of hole..
    Do This if needed… Otherwise plants will DIE.

    11. Fill INSIDE of Raised Bed with top quality soil with compost and amendments…

    12. Sweep excess off Form when finished and Clean up jobsite… Put tools away…
    Grab another cold beer ’cause you’re done…

    13. Call WIFE … tell it’s time for her to plant her flowers…

    If WIFE is really excited about HER new RAISED BEDS…
    Take a shower… so She can pay you before her excitement wears off…

    Deviations from this plan will VOID your warranty and your paycheck.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    more construction fun….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Summer doldrums indeed. The U.S. valiantly bowed out of the World Cup. The Spurs showed that team international ball can still be supreme in our land. Vandy gets a series win over UVa in the CWS. Tiger returns but can’t hit it. Not much else going on these days.


    Bill, my wife now thinks the raised beds are attracting rabbits. Any tips on rabbit eradication? The critters have gone nocturnal on me.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Mr. Stick…

    I’m surprised a good-old-boy like yourself even has to ask that question…
    and you should have known that B’rer Wabbit is a naturally nocturnal creature….

    Maybe you ought to take this test first…
    … or get a drink and sit on the front porch and figure it out yourself….

    How Southern Are You?

    For those who score less than 90% on the TEST…
    here’s your answer…
    and the BEST WAY IMO to keep B’rer Wabbit out of your yard….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Summer can get f-cked. That is all. Even with the World Cup (which I have truly enjoyed), it sucks out loud.


    ^ Wow… How unpleasant.


    ^ That’s his job.

    Plus, he’s frustrated because Rosita isn’t real.



    …Or go with the multi-threat, like I do for my non-raised patch.

    Rabbits,squirrels,meeces and birds…no chance


    Crap…forgot how to image from the android




    No doubt, cats are stone cold killing machines.


    I think I’m gonna get an outside cat in a couple of weeks. Bill, BTW, that danged Southern contest is flawed…There is no such thing as “North Carolina BBQ” and you know it…Unless the western and the Lexington just don’t count at all! I also question sweet tea versus beer!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Mr Stick… yeah… a couple of those questions were rigged… I only scored 95%…. and a man your age probably needs some extra pussy (cats) around the house…

    … everybody knows that in the South… you can’t tell the crazy cuzins from the rest of them… they’re all crazy… some just been ‘caught’ more than others… and of course.. if they GOTT money… they’re just ‘eccentric’ not crazy…

    I had the opportunity to actually eat some SC-style MustardQue from Flips on Oleander not long ago..
    … not bad… but… I wouldn’t want to eat it all the time…

    and I was up in Lexington NC — a month or so ago and stopped by Smiley’s BBQ…
    that’s where the Lexington people go… they send the tourists to that more famous place…
    still good as always…

    BUT … the F1 hybrid NC ‘Que (that’s Eastern style with a little something RED in the sauce )..
    is the best when it has enough ‘smoke’…

    Problem is … very few places anywhere actually cook with real hickory and oak smoke anymore…
    Which most of the time means… ‘Their Sign is better than their Food’….

    Smoke ’em if you GOTT ’em … fella’s


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yankees smoke with hickory…Hybred (High Bred) ones, anyways.

    Four racks…4 hours, 4th of July.

    Get the cat, ‘Stick. Two while yer at it, ’cause one will bound to go “somewhere.”


    Mr. Dog….
    The best thing “Smoked” coming South from Yankeeland is brisket smoked with Cherry.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    How far back do I cut back my blackberry canes, and when?


    I tend to stick with Parker’s in Wilson.


    Not yet, Pak…my wife’s needs cutting because it gets in the way of my satellite dish. I think it’s in the fall, but will check.

    My wife is balking at the cat cause she can’t get over it not being a “house cat”. The animal shelter even has a special section of “barn cats” for rodent control.

    Speaking of “smoking meat”, anyone have any experience with one of the $299 Weber smokers? I’ve got a bunch of Home Depot gift cards and thought about getting one.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!

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