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    Old MacDonald had farm today at Syracuse with an important 24-17 win. Dave Doeren improves to 1-12 in ACC play but more importantly the Pack, now 5-4
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    Haha we are indeed undefeated in November.

    Alpha Wolf

    Despite some weak play from cornerbacks, I thought the defense played pretty well…and of course, they provided the winning margin.

    I’m not going to make too much of the eight sacks — Syracuse’s O-Line is as depleted as any in the conference. Doesn’t matter, however, you have to play whoever is lined up against you, and State’s pass rush brutalized a young (and talented) QB all day.

    Next week is a different kettle of fish, but this is just what the doctor ordered: getting that monkey off of the team’s back.


    Defense won the game. Who’da thunk it?


    Does that make us 7-1 versus the citrus?


    The DL played one heck of a game. You have to give them credit for attacking the weakness of Syracuse relentlessly.

    Now we need one win out of the last three. I’d really like two wins, though.

    Alpha Wolf

    I think the key game of the year will be against Wake Forest. It’s a must win for the coaching staff.


    Great win for the staff and team. It wasn’t pretty or easy but I am of the opinion that for a non-elite acc team there is no such thing as a “bad/mediocre road win.”

    Another win is critical for program to get us bowling.


    As I told Cowdog, it’s amazing just how bad our DBs instincts are. Other than that, the D was amazing.

    I am an aggressive dude, and I didn’t know whether we could risk calling a pass play on the last 3rd and 5. Jacoby kept his cool and made the throw. It was a SAFE throw, but he still had to make it. Kudos to the staff for trusting him.

    Wil Baumann had one hell of a game today. He might have been the MVP.

    We did not quit, when it looked like the stars were aligned against us. We fought back, and reaped the rewards.

    All in all, a very satisfying victory.


    Offense somewhat inept today. But did the defense ever show up. Defense definitely won this won, and played a great game overall. Now the offense needs to get back on track at home next week, with an improved defense. Looking for ACC win number 2. Go Pack!


    Our conference streak is now 1-0. That was some really bad officiating. Twice on their big pass plays I saw tons of holding going on and not one yellow hanky.

    Smarter than the average bear


    They won and they go to real classes.


    Prowling Woofie

    Awesome run defense today.

    Atrocious pass defense.

    Great work by Baumann and Sade, and McKever, of course.

    Great to get a conference victory, and a road one, at that !

    Onward and upward.


    Speaking of CD where has he been lately?


    Syracuse, the kicking team, was not allowed to advance the ball when they recovered the onside kick. Can anybody shed some light on that play? Apparently the Cuse coach didn’t understand it either. It appeared as though our players were coached to not try to cover the ball. Nobody blocked or tried to catch the ball nor did they really try to catch the Cuse player.

    No hurry as I have cleaned myself up from where I sh*t myself when I thought they had scored a TD.


    As for the non class attenders to our west. Well they lost! Perfect day!


    Grey, number dang one, the receiving team can go get the ball whenever they feel it is there, no need to wait 10 yards as that dilemma is on the kicking team. Our kids staring at the ball as if it were ebola is ridiculous and the rule is in place and has been in place that if a kicking team recovers the onside they can not advance the ball. The SU coach was pissed due to the clock, they ran the clock as the guy ran the ball and never adjusted it.


    I briefly saw someone post something about horrid officiating….really???? I saw horrid play and game management from the OC. the first possession sums it up for me….no huddle, fast paced until a 3rd and 5….huddle up right after their number one pass rusher can barely get to his feet from exhaustion. We huddle up and basically give up a sack. F*ing commit to a fast pace or ditch it all together. The Sh*t was working beautifully and we abandon it. Ha, and just a week and a half ago everyone thought Dave Hux was on the chopping block.


    Atrocious pass defense.

    Let’s take a look some of the numbers. Over half the yardage (161) was to one receiver who made some pretty good catches of some perfectly thrown balls. Alpha commented that the corner play was weak. Hard to argue that. But calling a pass defense atrocious that gave up only 2 TDs while picking off 2, one being a pick-six, may be a little over the top.

    My point is that calling the pass defense atrocious, indicts all the pass defense. Saying the corner play is weak is just telling it like it is. And the corner play is not likely to get any better with the current 2-deep.

    BTW anybody know what McKever was doing in pass coverage? Have they moved him to LB? If so might not be a bad move. Ted “The Stork” Hendricks comes to mind. McKever has good hands and while not blazingly fast, he does have good speed.


    Hard fought win on the road. I’ll certainly take it. Yep, let’s get ine of the next three and go bowling. Congrats on the win, coach. May there be many more.


    Speaking of CD where has he been lately?

    I have it on good authority that he’s been hanging out with some lowlifes this weekend.


    State just did everything it could to give SU the game, but thanks to a 3rd string fresh qb (whose going to be really good eventually) who threw a pick 6 and fumbled to give State a possession that would eventually score on a short field.

    How uncharacteristic it was for state to get penalized to keep beating itself. It got a little help from SU penties to balance it. But wow. What an ugly win. A bowl game is definitely possible!!

    The O got in a rut after the first quarter and never really recovered sans the help from SU which is very concerning.

    However, if state and UNC continue on their current trajectories, this could make for a happy ending. Saw a lot of learning experiences for this young team and hopefully a W on an otherwise ugly game will breed more Ws due to confidence/motivation.


    Is it just me or was DD throwing some shade at UNC-CH when he made the comment about telling Pharaoh about his new role in the defense? It’s like DD went out of his way to make sure to say he was “in the library studying.” Planned or not, I loved it.

    At this point we have a decent chance to go 7-5 and win 3 ACC games. If you had asked me at the beginning of the season, I would have said that sounds great, I’ll take it, solid improvement. 6-6 (2-6) is not as shiny, but not too bad either, all things considered.


    A win is a win no matter how ugly the offense plays. Defense was really the key to the game as they played an outstanding game….pick 6 was sweet.
    A win is even better when the cheaters get blown out by the U.


    So nice to get a win! Sure was tough, but now this team should relax and play better down the stretch. Could win all 3 or lose them. I like our chances. Great day for college football! Nice plug by DD to mention the conversation with Pharaoh.

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