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    If TJ and TL hit their second FT shots we win by one. But Paige would have just went ahead and hit a 3 and we go into double ot. It was a great game and I to am proud of this team.
    I just have one question to our coach and that is why not have Lewis and Barber in the game at the same time. This way Lewis main role stays the same and Barber defends Paige when unc has the ball. The ideal time for Gott to put this to work would have been in the OT. To be true to everyone, I was so involved in the final 5 minutes I did not see if Gott did have that line-up in the game.


    KH not going back in the game was a mistake. Cat playing so little in OT when we had a lead to protect was a mistake.

    I can’t help thinking it didn’t matter. Nothing matters. It’s like Paige was pre-ordained to beat us, and I can’t remember being this depressed about a sporting event since the Denver Super Bowls of the 1980s.


    The difference in the Cuse game was twofold. First, I believe the missed call was WAYYYYYY more obvious. I don’t even think it was debatable. Second, I have ZERO doubt that we lose that game if Buckets goes to the line for his and-1. We had it, and weren’t going to let go. Nobody in orange was capable of taking it from us.

    Last night, I feel like no matter what else happened, Paige was going to shiv us at the end, somehow, someway.

    This morning feels even worse than last night. I stand by my assessment – everything f-cking sucks.

Viewing 3 posts - 451 through 453 (of 453 total)
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