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    ^Not this week pack81…

    The Gub’ner, Mr. Berger and Mr. Tillis all are busy with Ms. Hagan… and a few other campaigns.

    Now once the dust settles on that… either way it goes… xNC && the BOG are their next targets…

    I read a while back that the School that graduated the most Solons in the current General Assembly was EZU… The Legislature convenes Jan 14th, 2015 and in the meantime… Either cocky or mad… Expect them to be “ready” for bear.


    Just for fun… Expect the Reverends to be busy in the interim too… polite money is already moving discreetly from out of state in their direction… Hopefully, Reverend Barber gets his fair share…

    Ya’ll can imagine, if you wish, a joint effort by the Moral Monday folks and the Tea Party rowdies – complete with Ramses – marching from the Capital down to Jones Street early that sunny January Wednesday morning… to figuratively offer the sacrifices the heads off the elitist Loyal Priests – who most certainly will go down with the former Flagship…

    Lead by the Pirate faithful and those from any non Big Four University — the Solons will have little choice but to decimate the former Flagship’s true-blue Athletic Department. Gub’ner Pat of High Point University won’t say a word.

    The crys from the west will be heard….
    “Admiral Maam… we must transfer your flag… Admiral? Admiral? Maam?
    We must transfer the flag…Our ship is lost. Admiral? Maam?”

    What will people think?
    Politics does instead make strange bedfellows.

    Rumor is there’s a brand new and still unspokenfor 200 foot flagpole being erected soon just a mile to west… just a little ways past the IHop.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Bill, I hadn’t had that thought. Part of the price to be paid is a transfer of the flagship!

    I think M. Kane has just about got his job done. Now let’s go after that bunch of rug-sweeping, sh!t-covering, self-serving suits like Ross and the BOG/BOT. Folt has dishonored herself with her attack on my heroine, Mary Willingham. And what the hell is Dean doing still around?


    Coach Smith is off limits…
    Maybe there’s some honor among thieves… I can’t kick a man when he’s helpless.


    Besides Greywolf….

    Ain’t NOBODY listening to us Old Wolves except the tooth fairy…
    and ain’t nobody really important reading these posts…

    The joke, however, is on everybody else….
    ’cause we didn’t intend to do anything anyway…
    ’cause we ain’t gotta…

    because we’re old enough to see the future… we can just kick back and watch the show…

    Political immunity so to speak.

    Speaking of which …. looks the the Republican Bears are rolling in by the busloads from the hinterlands…
    They’ll be primed for war if they win Big tonight….
    Liberals who are in highly visible places should perhaps go into hiding….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    Deacon Blues

    ^ coach Smith is not off limits. His current condition should be, but not the totality of his fraud.

    This is the architect of the entire sham that is the Carolina Way. The blame lays squarely with him and his cronies.

    That hypocrisy is wide open for any comment.


    This national coverage seems to be what will finally bring down the scandalous sports cabal in Chapel Hill. However, Dan Kane’s coverage, apparently, is the main reason that it has not died down long ago. Talk about persistence!

    Some time ago, not long following Bubba Cunningham’s hiring, seems that he was in a video saying something to the effect that “as long as we (UNC) can keep this a local story, we will be alright”. Shortly after that: “boom” with the NYT article, Bloomberg BW, etc….

    That video showing him saying that should be made available to all the national media now, indicating that Cunningham thought that the UNC cabal could suppress local exposure to their shenanigans.


    ^This, and regarding the DTH, despite the title of the OP and don’t think they student paper has ever been an apologist for athletics, and I think they’d like nothing better than to help break more of the story and/ or keep the pressure on.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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