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    We all know that Roy Williams’ story is a bunch of bunk. And, his old buddy Wayne Walden has Ol’ Roy by the balls…and he knows it. Williams is essen
    [See the full post at: Roy’s story not even believable to DTH]


    Ole Roy claims adamantly that he KNOWS his kids go to class and do their own work, but when asked about what he knew about the paper classes, he claims he doesn’t get involved with academics, so he wouldn’t know. Which way is it Roy? Either you know what is going on and you’re complicit, or you have no knowledge and therefore cannot comment on your kids academic legitimacy. Can’t have it both ways.


    This is amazing. Brave new world.


    This scandal just rolls on and on.


    ‘Massa Roy, suh… dems chickins aw’waze acum’in home ta roost….’
    -Uncle Remus.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    All, as a watcher of history, I can say is…”It’s about Friggin’ TIME”…

    I watched the NCSU Faculty Senate find cajones (even the females donned them) and then perform their best Salem Witch Hunt. When they encircled Jimmy V, they elected ONE of their own to light the bonfire (OK, he used a hammer and nailed him to a cross first)…Dr. Larry (now Sainted) Monteith was their hero.

    THEN, they and St. Monteith donned sack cloth and ashes and admonished the University for GROSS Negligence. THEY self imposed sanctions….and Jimmy V was history.

    Let’s put this in perspective. This was ONE basketball team….not the BB and FB and the Olympic Sports (which racks up all them Director’s Cup Points) departments.

    Lets also remember that Jimmy V was NOT the first victim. Dr. Joab Thomas was Chancellor. HE was run out of Raleigh on a RAIL. Remember WHO fought for and got the Vet School here? Dr. T. He then became Prez/Chancellor of Bama and later PSU. Now exactly a career killer being “shamed” by St. Monteith. Dr. Thomas had more academic prowess in his little finger that St. Monteith did in his entire overly inflated body (and ego).

    NOW, the Faculty and Staff at UNC are calling for a PUBLIC APOLOGY to Mary Willingham. SOME SAY….in PUBLIC….that she tried to tell the ADMIN this was going on….but NO…..she was WRONG….she had NO CREDENTIALS (remember the hapless BOE of Education in River City running around wanting Prof Hill’s Papers?)

    THEN they said…..YOU (Ms. FOLT) have WASTED a LOT OF MONEY to find out what Ms. Willingham TOLD US (not that WE believed her…but NOW we do). You need to APOLOGIZE to her. Remember that Ms. Folt met in the spring with Ms. Willingham and chewed on her for almost 2 hours and said…”Lady, you are a SHAM”. YES, that Ms. Folt…..looks like today she has her light blue Ramses panties in a BIG OLD LIGHT BLUE WAD and her Peek-A-Boo Carolina Bra is “out of place”. She will really need her LIGHT BLUE scarf as it was CHILLY with a Capital C, which rhymes with….Never Mind.

    NOW, will the UNC Faculty start to follow the Dr. Monteith AGENDA? If so, then Ms. Folt, formerly of DAHHTMATTH, will soon be FORMERLY of UNC…

    This is finally beginning to take hold…..

    STOP THE PRESSES>>>>>>I just read the AP Article (N&O), the Faculty wants BANNERS TAKEN DOWN….FORFEITS for GAMES where the lads were INELIGIBLE…..Returning of $$ for FRAUDULENT activity….

    SAY IT IS NOT SO….I guess the faculty figured out that 20 – 25 FULL TIME – 4 YEAR Scholly’s could have been GRANTED (Given OUT) to deserving students…..instead of spending the dough on the report….or maybe it was their BONUSES that they are afraid will be cut.

    Whatever….the embers of rebellion are beginning to glow in Chapel Hill….and tonight’s frivolities will be just a memory on Sunday and throughout the BB season.

    WIll ORW make it through this year? Will he have his TWO banners yanked down (and burned) and his TWO Rings clawed off his fingers and melted down into a St. Monteith Medal….?

    Stay Tuned….


    ^They also pushed Todd Turner onto us to help guide us further into the nuclear wasteland … all while Chapel Hill merrily cheats their ass off.


    Good post Adventuroo,we must be reading some of the same articles. I saw where the faculty called Martin’s report and previous reports an apparent ‘whitewash” and question how they could be so blind as to miss the obvious. Faculty said the few people the Wainstein reports targets appear to be just “scapegoats”. The faculty still doesn’t trust the administration and some are questioning why the faculty feels scared to talk to the administration! In the meantime, the biggest scandal in the history of college sports has been documented right here in NC along with already NCAA violations and punishment with the NCAA back in the state investigating and the NC Board of Governors has taken no action and remains silent!


    They also pushed Todd Turner

    Set NCSU athletics back a couple of decades. With Dr. Yow we are slowly digging out of the mess Turner started.

    Forget men’s basketball, successful baseball and football coaches left. Other sports were left to languish, with no real effort made to move the athletics department forward in any appreciable way.

    He’s a terrible AD and we were not mad for thinking this then, because he’s been run out of the other two AD jobs he’s had.

    Whatever faults Les had as AD, he did get the PNC Arena completed. Fowler got Carter-Finley and other facilities upgraded.

    There is nothing Turner did here, while AD that I can point to and say, “hey, at least he did ‘x,y or z’ right, even if he was bad at the rest of his job.”


    The Wanstein report gives me a glimmer of hope that justice will be done to the Tarholes. I thought they’d skate after the first NCAA investigation gave out a modest penalty to the football team, but boy when the hammer falls it is going to fall really, really hard.

    And if the hammer does not fall, the NCAA is done as having any credibility left, with regards to keeping schools honest. I’m not talking about true amateurism in college sports, which went out the window about 100 years ago, when coaches started actively recruiting the best players. I’m talking about what the NCAA’s basic function is: To make sure one school doesn’t break/bend the rules so badly that they gain a completely unfair advantage over the other schools, which UNC has done with these fake classes.


    Adventuroo — Poulton (or Poultry as we called him) was chancellor during most of the 80s.

    Back on topic — everyone but the wild-eyed Walmart fans know Roy is neck deep in this thing. He’ll get away with it, but the stink is all over him.



    You are correct. I had my names wrong. I did look back and missed the dates. Joab Thomas (1975) and was an earlier chancellor. He was succeeded by Nash Winstead (1981 – one year?) then Bruce Poulton (1982) and then Monteith (1989) and then Mary Anne Fox (1998). I apologize for missing up the individuals. Poulton was very “student” friendly….and apparently a little too “cozy” with Valvano. Jimmy V DID lose focus….but his “transgressions” pale in comparison to UNC.

    As I have posted…..Jimmy V. had a DREAM; Dean Smith (and later Roy Williams) had a SCHEME…

    You got to give them credit for being crafty….they got away with it for a LONG time.

    If you want to know the “arrogance”….then go here….

    I CAN NOT believe that they STILL have this up…..Remember that Dean Smith “coined” the Phrase…..”The Carolina Way”. THAT is documented in his book….

    Everyone should know that DES brought AFAM to UNC circa 1992 or so. It has been in existence at Kansas from 1970. If you want to know the history of AFAM at UNC….forget it….they have scrubbed that site….a 5th grader would have done better….

    Wonder if the Faculty KNOWS how much the Alumni Association is touting “The Carolina Way”?


    ^ All of the above AND the fact that its already clear that the Wannstein Report left many stones unturned.


    It’s a sad day when you lose Pravda…


    Poulton was very “student” friendly….and apparently a little too “cozy” with Valvano.

    Yes he was… and that was in no ways was his ‘greatest fault’…

    The joke from Vermont made Valvano AD… which was an idiot move anywhere, anytime with anybody… and much more so in Rawlee given the ‘relationship’ between the two men.

    Had not that happened…. I am fully confident… our fortunes and our history would have been changed 180 degrees…

    Perhaps… the Trojan Horse doth appear… and “justice” can be brought to fruition albeit by those with ulterior motives ( rogues could not care less about justice – but never hesitate to hide their rogue agendas in poetic language and symbols cloaked heavy with “high morals” and justice”.On the other hand — those interested in justice don’t care much as to how it comes about. ).

    Remember…. the ‘Rogues’, as some would call them, of the Faculty over in Chapel Hill… have a ‘tradition’ going back at least a hundred years**… and a ‘standing’ all their own amongst University Faculties. the ‘hardcore’ of which would be estimated at perhaps as high as 25-30% of the Faculty… versus the Loyalists at 20% max ( the remainder of the Faculty just wants everybody else to shut up and for this all to go away ).

    The Rogues combined with a similar ‘movement’ from the Reverends (Sharpton, Jackson, )… forms the UnHoly Alliance of Infidels.

    With only Messrs. Swofford, Williams and Fedora to be flag bearers and mouthpieces for the Loyalists. (No xNC Faculty tenured member will dare to attempt to replace any of them.)

    That should be more than enough to topple the blind and stubborn priesthood sitting on the BOT and BOG.

    At that point… poor Ms. Folp plays nothing more than a supporting role in a public and political process over which she had absolutely no control.

    In doing so, by comparison, that scenario in Rawlee ‘Roo so eloquently and accurately reminded us of… will look like Mary Poppins on a sunny day…

    If you don’t have time to watch the show and want to know how all this turns out in the end…

    Just ask Silent Sam.

    Popcorn any one?

    **Both NC State and xNC were among the colleges whose Faculties refused to allow students to play ‘Football’ as a Intercollegiate Sport when whole seasons were cancelled in 1910-1911. More recently, some of us might recall the details of Speaker Ban Movement of 1963.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    It’s a sad day when you lose Pravda…

    Lenin cat weeps for his comrades.


    So this is Saturday, and game day vs. Syracuse, yet Roy is still the subject of the day, with no game day blog? That is messed up!


    Cheaters cut the lead to 31 in Miami. Ordering rings to mark that achievement.


    No game day thread????


    Guess Ole Roy is more important than covering the fb game. Hopefully we win, even without the blog support.


    Looks like we are finally going to get an ACC Win….without a game thread.


    We win with luck. Up 10 points and we came a play call away (onside kick that was ran back for a TD by Cuse but called back) from a OT. Cuse almost scored 10 points in 1:11 seconds. Wow…I will take it but dang I’m not sure on that onside kick.



    Obviously we went through the same traumas. I remember writing every person, including Santa, about how Jimmy V was being railroaded. I cancelled my Alumni Dues….quite listening to WPTF after one of their announcers (used to call baseball) tore into (editorially speaking) Valvano one night. Like Don Quixote, I tilted about every windmill within 50 miles of Raleigh…. I did it professionally, with more success for many years thereafter and I guess that I can’t quit.

    Great comments…..NOW…onto the GAME.

    I really thought that when we lost ole Mo’ during the first half and left her in the locker room after the half. The Eagles line from Lying Eyes came to mind….I got up to pour myself a Strong one…..because the night was gonna be a Long one. What a game. I am hoarse from yelling at my TV. I turned off the TV audio about 5 minutes to go….and then just watched….The WPNetwork is about 5 seconds behind or delayed….so that was really refreshing.

    GO PACK….there by celebrating tonight….NOW we need to figure out how to SCORE TD’s instead of kicking the 3’s. The D deserves the Game Ball. Wonder if Coach D will actually SMILE and look Tony Haynes in the eye on his show tomorrow night? NAH, he ain’t THAT happy.


    … yep… ‘Roo .. some battles you just can’t win…
    That one was doomed from the start…

    I had lunch with young Coach V in Atlanta… the second week he was on the job….

    then “the Joke from Vermont” and I were at an Alumni dinner up in Person County his first or second year… that story I shouldn’t print… let’s just say … major SMH went on for days, and I wasn’t the only one..

    then I ‘bumped into old Coach V’ the last time, 1990 I think, at a WC dinner up there too… where I told him how to ‘fix’ Avie Lester’s free throw shot..

    Two totally different guys in just six-seven years…
    Coach V changed a lot and I don’t mean he gained 25 pounds… which he did…
    ..and the truth is Without a real Chancellor or real AD sitting in the next office, Coach didn’t help himself a lot the last year or so…

    For more details ’bout that…just buy Don Shea a couple of drinks, if you can find him, and get him talking, if you can…



    Back to Uncle Roy and his Boys…

    Did ya’ll see this…
    from the Durham Morning Herald….
    P.J. Hairston court date continued to Nov. 14

    Uncle Roy didn’t know nuttin’ bout PJ’s antics either…

    Uncle Roy needs to retire… for his health and sanity if for no other reason…
    but he won’t … ’cause he thinks, if he does… people will remember him for all this mess he didn’t know nuttin’ ’bout… not for the success he earned during the first twenty years as a head coach…

    But then … if you had other people bending the rules for you the whole time… what difference does it make whether you knew ’bout it or not ?

    Besides… everybody does it… right Uncle Roy…. ya’ll just did it better …

    And if Uncle Roy is thinking…. he’ll stick around for the good of the University… that’s self-delusional…at the least…

    In spite of the farewell parade down Franklin Street… and the State dinner over at the Carolina Inn… When he’s gone … the University as a whole will miss Uncle Roy — as they used to say in Corporate America — about as long as the hole lasts in a bucket of water when you pull your finger out of the water….

    As one old man to another… Uncle Roy needs to retire for Roy… no other reasons needed… The magic of Time will heal the rest…

    And Roo… I think that’s exactly what Coach V would tell Coach Roy… too…
    that and ‘this Coaching Sh%t is a great gig… but it will put you in a early grave… if you let it…‘.

    On a lighter note…

    Great game today by the young Pack and their young Coaches…
    we heard a bunch of guys names called I never heard of before…
    that’s GOTT to be fun for them…

    And I saw somewhere… Coach Doeren has now TIED TOB’s record for the number of Road Games won against Atlantic Division opponents… Ha!

    It won’t take Coach DD two more years to break TOB’s record either… Ha!

    Daylight Savings Time Sucks

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    … and the NC Board of Governors has taken no action and remains silent!

    The BOG has squandered yet another opportunity to do the right thing. Instead, they’re trying to spread the blame.

    Instead of focusing on UNC Chapel Hill, they want to fix the UNC system.

    This demonstrates their complicity in this scandal.

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