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    Big win doesn’t even begin to cover it. Come Selection Sunday, this win will matter.

    Pack was far from perfect, but they kept their wits and showed poise down the stretch. Considering all the bumps leading up to tonight, this win is a sign that this team has heart and, as I said after last night’s loss, they will be a tough out come March.

    A good night.


    Anyone see the end of regulation? I get that the basket didn’t count with shot clock violation, but the foul happened BEFORE the clock expired. Shouldn’t we have gone to line?


    Anyone see the end of regulation? I get that the basket didn’t count with shot clock violation, but the foul happened BEFORE the clock expired. Shouldn’t we have gone to line?

    I did not understand that one either. Made no sense. The foul was before the shot clock.
    Glad we pulled that one out as that would have been infuriating.


    Yep, agreed. Not sure how the rule reads, but the contact happened with 1 (maybe 1.5 secs). Dunno if it’s when the contact happens or when it’s actually called, which was after clock expired. But it seems that it should be the former.

    Yay that we avoided the hosing though, fo’ sho’.


    This team is far from meeting it’s potential, and didn’t have the greatest performance, but the important thing was, they found a way to win, and against a top 25 team, with a so called star player.


    Well… since I GOTT two new eyes…

    I been looking for three guys on the hardcourt…

    I think I’ve found the first one… Mr. Team Leader
    and maybe we now we GOTT a glimpse of the second…
    the third… idk yet…
    Fact: This ain’t last year’s team…. and it ain’t gonna be either…

    Tonight.. I do think we saw the fundamental formula for success for the season, which is not quite the same as saying this will be a successful season…

    Last year we had four bigs and one guy who we could count on all the time from the outside (Lacey).
    This year we should look for three guys who playing together can dominate from the outside… Anthony, Cody and Rowan..
    and hope our two “little” bigs … Abu, Freeman and Anya hold their own…

    This will cause some serious matchup problems which could get us the extra wins we need to dance…

    and then nobody knows the future…

    but you read it here first…
    “As Anthony goes… so goes this TEAM”.

    I do have the followup exam on last week’ second eye surgery in the morning
    so depending on what the genius doctor from *NC tells me….
    I may have to recant….

    FWIW… GOTT & Company did an excellent coaching job of showing Mr. Simmons that he is a “freshman”… without disputing his talents…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Bill. I think we got the big covered… Abu…cat leads the team in scoring, assists and rebounds.

    Hopefully team and staff can build on this. All 5 guys crash the boards, share the basketball, and avoid stupid fouls.

    We gott talent and we gott ballers. We played super smart on defensive end and had a great gameplan. Our offense can be “iffy” and with a 30 second shot clock it shall remain so. Team can run.

    Oh yeah, don’t look now but we got a kid who can back up the point just fine.


    .. and may I add this… since no one else seems to have noticed…

    Our efforts tonight certainly were not impeded, as they were last night, by , Mr. Dog’s favorite show girl, Mr. James Lucky

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The win tonight will help us more than the losses last night and to W&M will hurt us. Maybe that ASU loss hurts us if they tank out in Pac12 play, but I suspect they’ll be a mid-tier Pac12 team.

    We really need to to win out non-conference. We could probably afford a loss against Michigan, but we can’t have another outside of that. The team needs a little run to build some confidence heading into league play.

    From there, take care of business in the ACC (9-9) and we’re dancing again. The ACC hasn’t looked so good to me that 9-9 isn’t attainable. There’s UNC, Miami, Duke and Virginia, but everyone else looks beatable. If Henderson comes back late, we could get hot at the end.


    Bill – I didn’t watch the 2nd half but in the first half while I noticed lucky I didnt notice any grave miscarriages of justice. (Last night.)

    Ksu is giving the heels everything they can handle. Watching Kansas – UNC is much softer than them.


    State 24/29 FT, Cat did not attempt a 3pt, solid rebounding. Cat must have been taking it to the rack, 12/12 ft. Nice W


    Listened via the internets on the drive home and caught half the OT at the house. We had one stretch in the second half where we went 4-20 from the field and LSU was 7-12 from 3pt land. It sounded like our defensive rebounding was vastly improved last night, particularly Abu and Cody Martin. As much as we want to run with Cat, we have to focus on rebounding. We can’t give up extra possessions with our offensive challenges. That kind of free throw shooting will win a lot of games, but until it becomes a pattern, I’ll regard last night as a statistical anomaly from the line.

    Nice win. Hopefully it will count for something in March.


    I proud of our coaches and team for playing hard and getting the win. It is simple when they play hard and smart basketball they can play with just about anyone. The games we have lost I have felt like we were going through the motions. If they stay motivated we can clearly make the dance.

    Watch out for Wake. Manning has brougt in some great talent and coaching them very well. I could see them making the top 6 ACC.


    Seems much simpler than that. Cody should be getting 30 minutes


    Always good to pick up T25 wins, even if they’re about to drop out, they’ll still be a tournament team.

    Not particularly relevant to anything, but is Cat wearing Nike shoes??


    Come Selection Sunday, this win will matter.

    Maybe, maybe not. But LSU just became my second favorite team for this year.


    It was very clever of coach Gott to allow two banked three pointers in the first game so they could face Lsu in the second game.


    Did anybody see the ESPN recap of the game? They seem to forget that LSU lost the game.


    ^ Hadn’t seen that. That was amusing.
    Ben Simmons might go #1 if LSU keeps losing I guess.


    LUCKY >>>>>NOT to have Mr. LUCKIE.

    49 whistles in OT game versus ASU on Monday.

    55 whistles last night in OT finals game ASU verses Marquette.

    Both were OT games.

    New NORM is in the low 40’s for a game this year
    Last year it was mid 30’s.

    TV Teddie, Mr. Luckie & the “Bryan’s” are trying to keep the Hess traditions alive.

    At least now the Gott BOO Birds have gone back to their roosts on the ledge


    Gott to give a lot of credit to the coaching staff. If they were the dogs in the ASU game, they were equally exceptional in this one. The team could have been really down over losing to a team we should have beaten, and making so many mistakes. (I admit I was down)

    They clearly looked at the film and saw that they would kill us in the paint, so we took it away. That resulted in too many open 3pt shots, but they achieved their primary objective and shut down Simmons’s scoring. And that was enough.

    I have to admit I was surprised at the transformation. 24 hours later, we started to look like a team that could be good this year.

    I think the barometer this year is going to be the twins. Cat is going to be solid almost every night, Abu should get there as well. Mav is a freshman, so we’ll see some awesome nights, and probably even more ugly ones. (but, hoping Terry gets back and plays well and fills this role) I am sadly reconciled that Nard and BeeJay just aren’t going to be reliable offensive weapons.
    The twins are the secret sauce. They can shoot, drive, rebound, pass, block shots, steal, and play defense. With their size and athleticism, I think they are the guys that make us great – or not.

    Great win, GO PACK.


    I don’t remember all the time frames in the second half but there was a period where both teams took some really poor shots but I was pleased to see during the final minutes and thru the overtime period, there was a level of maturity that shows some promise for the future. YES…..ESPN loves BS and he is awesome but they LOST TWO GAMES back to back…Give some credit where it belongs, the Pack showed some life!!!

    Simmons should have gone to Kentucky with all the other one & dones…LOL


    I know others have said it, but the minutes Rowan is getting right now will be huge down the road. He had me going nuts during the game for all his misses (1 for 10), but then cheering like crazy when he scored 7 in OT. He’s definitely not the pure shooter Scott Wood is, but he has so much more to his game than Wood ever did. He’s not afraid to drive the lane, or to mix it up under the basket. And he definitely has a shooter’s memory – only remembers the makes. He will be a great weapon to have off the bench once Henderson comes back.

    I’m not sure what to expect for the Michigan game, but at least last night’s game offered some encouraging signs.


    I think Rowan has more rebounds so far at State than Scott did his senior year ……. LOL, but certainly not the shooter SW was just yet. It could be interesting to see how much this team could develop over the year..

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