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    Now time to focus on Miami, and win our home finale. Go Pack!


    Bambard goes FIVE for FIVE on extra points.

    Gott started a little early, eh BotB? Conner Haskins has taken over the place kicking.


    check that … Tony…


    besides I promised Troll I’d wait till after the game to start Popping!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I enjoyed Saturday’s game. This was one I’d had down in the “W column” and it was nice to see it go there after the BC game (another one that I thought was a win). The team played very hard.

    The offensive play calling was the best it had been all year. This was the game plan that I’d been hoping for all year — run based, but some deep passes mixed in to keep things honest. I’d prefer even more balance but recognize we hit on two big pass plays that kind of skewed the stats. We used McClendon just enough to be effective, but it’s obvious he’s never going to win games with his arm. Here’s to hoping the other teams don’t figure that out.

    I thought the defense did a nice job. They made Syracuse one dimensional, and that’s the goal of any defense.

    We did get a gift in that the starting Syracuse QB was out. The win still counts without any sort of asterisk. If the losses count when our guys are out, then the wins count when the other team has players out.

    Having said that, there were still a few WTF coaching moments. I don’t blame the staff for the punt block (those things happen), but some of the “to kick or not to kick” and the time out when the other team had 3rd and 14 were classic DD.

    DD’s coaching tenure here is going to come down to whether he can get a win at UNC. I personally don’t like his chances, but I don’t think he’s back if he goes 5-7 with loses to UNC and ECU.


    Well we have headed to the HVAC Dome, and took care of the Cuse. Now time to blog on the last home game vs. the Canes. Senior Day, and the chance to go 3-4 in the ACC, before heading to smurf land. post Thanksgiving day. Go Pack, and downgrade this hurricane back to Florida!

Viewing 5 posts - 126 through 130 (of 130 total)
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