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    The Pack welcomes an undefeated #3 Clemson to town this weekend for a Halloween tilt (Sorry…Howlin’ween). Costumes will be allowed in the stadium, a
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    Want to believe we will win. Don’t think we will, although we’ve won in this situation before. Either way we’ll be there cheering loud.


    Stranger things have happened I guess, but the eye test says Clemson’s strengths are perfectly matched to our weaknesses, so I don’t see how this one is even close. I will take Clemson and give the points.


    The most NC State thing would be that they would win not only this weekend against the Tigers but also win out the rest of the season. Unfortunately, Clemson doesn’t lose another game and State doesn’t get to Charlotte.


    “Bambard for the win” – drinking at work?


    Early in the year, I thought Clemson’s loss of Chad Morris and possible decline in defense would hurt the most. Now, I don’t think so. They intentionally limited Watson’s runs early in the year, played at a slower pace at times, and I think it often hurt their rhythm. Their OC is much more patient than Morris was. If they don’t score early and often, or hit the big plays, he’ll stick with the short stuff and runs. Early, they’ll cut Watson loose to run in the read-option, and if it stays close, he’ll continue to run when it’s there. Hit him early and often. We’ll need to really limit their first downs and drives early in the game and have drives of our own to keep them off the field.

    The difference between some of our notable upsets of Tiggertown, especially the most recent ones, is that we had a front four that could generate pressure and stop the run without blitzing. Not this year. We look pedestrian on defense. The speed we’ll see on this Saturday will overwhelm. Tiggers by at least 3 TD’s. They were the best team last year by far. With a healthy Watson that started from Day 1, they don’t lose a game last year, and they certainly don’t this year.


    Speaking of kicking..what’s up with that? I know they were having a kicking competition before the season started. We need another one now…Maples can knock the crap out of the ball and usually pretty straight…I know Bambard is a freshman, but he’s missing FGs that high schoolers should be able to hit. Clemson won’t let us get away with any of that…


    So who gets the extra Halloween advantage? They’ve got the whole orange thing going on, but wolves, howling, etc.? That’s pretty Halloweenish. Any chance Clemson goes purple and loses any Halloween advantage?


    We’ll be lucky just to keep it close. Clemson is having a fantastic season, and there will be no let up.


    Scary Grapes, Ruskie!

    Hell, Whiteshoes. If Roseboro has grown up, I know Rose can get there.

    My concern is our “collapsable” LBs. What good is getting to Watson if the backers are chasin’ butterflies?

    No…Too many concerns to be concerned,so I’m not.

    “Setup like bowlin’pin.Knocked down…”

    Moneyline says:
    Like this past Saturday in reverse.

    Pack stays within distance, and…

    It’s only Monday.


    Cowdog I’m more comfortable coming after Watson than chasing receivers or dropping into coverage. I say turn em loose from every direction, early and often.

    I’ve missed few Clemson pack games in Raleigh or Death Valley since the early 80s, but I have an extra good excuse. It’s my sons first birthday, and I can think of no better present or treat than to trick the Tigers. Here’s hoping for black cats, witch’s stew, and s full moon to get the pack howling!


    Shoes. I know what you meant, man. I agree that they need to go after him.

    Which is why I don’t wanna see a single freaking Linebacker out in any meadow with a buttery net!

    Added pressure has to come from Wright or Clarke (whomever is playing Rover at the time,) and from a corner showing press coverage. Trust me…I got this down. 🙂

    I do have the butterfly/LB thing down, though.

    Virginia Wolf

    Clempson looks very strong. We will need last Saturday’s 1st quarter, 4 times to win this one.
    Anyone.going to the game, please save me your ticket stubs. I’ll pay postage. For address, email me at ([email protected]). Thanks!


    Virginia Wolf…I’ve never treated your stub requests properly. Hope others have.

    What are you missing in your collection?


    It doesn’t seem likely that we will win. But it is not out of the realm of possibilities. I will do my part, and will be there to cheer them on. I hope we will pack the stadium, We have to be loud, and intimidating. But most of all the team better be on their A game, and pull out all the stops. JB has to be at his best, and to do that he needs to be more open to passing to other options, when they are open, especially the middle of the field, which has not been used much this year, though there are receivers in that area. No turnovers, by us anyway. I am gonna keep the faith, but we can’t have a game like we had last year against them. Total embarrassment, and I was there. At least for a half. Couldn’t take anymore. Hope the coaches have us ready, even with unseen plays by our offense. I am sure the team will not need anything to motivate them. Just have to play smart. I am gonna expect a win, and a halloween nightmare for the tiggers. Call me crazy. Go Pack!


    I would be there but alas – I have a 7 year old… And missing Halloween to go to a football game is just one notch below missing Christmas especially since I live in the ardmore neighborhood in Winston.

    But fear not wolfpackers – this may be just the recipe needed to break through. I wish I could be there – but next the game falls on this date – the decision will be just as easy (the other way around.)

    As I stated in another thread… This doesn’t set up well for us. We give up big too many big plays and we don’t execute well enough offensively. Its absolutely critical for us to stay within striking distance for the first 2 quarters…if we do that it will be a ball game.


    Any word of Fernandez’s injury? All the media report that the X-Ray’s were negative, but it was a painful sprain (If I remember Coach D’s comments).

    He is a leader and also “the man”.


    Virginia Wolf

    Cowdog, I’ve got a lot of gaps in my collection. I can send you a list to an email address. I especially need ticket stubs for future games. I’m not able to attend the games anymore. I have about 500 ticket stubs. I lived out of the country from 19832 – 1999 so need a lot of tickets during that span oldest ticket in collection is a 1935 Davidson @ State. My email address is [email protected].


    Scary Grapes, Ruskie!

    Clemson Raisins


    Lets hope the Pack brings a lot of Tricks and few treats for Clemson. Go Pack !!
    Spook the Tigers


    This game has a ton of redo written all over it.

    Clemson escaped one 2 yrs ago on a ref gaffe.

    2 yrs before, everybody quit, before The Clemsoning in the 2nd half.

    It’s only Thursday.


    Moar Arrow Routes!!!!!


    We are slow and it will show, on Saturday…Clemson 34 NCSU 10. And I am glad that we will score.

    They are big and we are small…I hate to say it but watch us crawl.

    We really need to be fast to compete…I love the Pack please understand that.


    It ain’t over til its’ over, no matter how it looks, one never knows. Clemson could have a bad day, and lots of turnovers, or we could actually get up and play our best game of the season. Not probable, but possible. I for one like the possibilities. Besides that the coastal division is very weak, so we can’t go on the 58-0 shut out. Remember Louisville, and Notre Dame only lost by a few points, and could have beaten Clemson. Guess we will find out on Halloween.


    Hope for the best…
    Drink for the worst…

    Trick or Treat…

    Either way it goes…the sun will shine the next day.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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