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    Yeah, Cuse is gonna rape us. Sans lube. Nobody expects, or even hopes for better than that. It’s about getting to 7-6 despite that, so we have a good shot at 9-9, and a fighting chance for better.

    I still have no earthly idea how we won, other than the Karma thing from last year (when we did truly play as well as humanly possible and still lost).


    I’ll happily take the win, albeit ugly , it still beats a loss. And in a couple of months I’ll have forgotten just how ugly..Move on..Is this team the prettiest girl at the prom? Not by a long shot, but she might be next year, or the year after. She does have potential..

    Now, on another angle, for those that figure the refs have it in for State, then why for God’s sake did they not call a foul on Washington on Brown’s last shot of the game? He crushed Brown. You have to wonder what was going through his freshman brain by even getting within 5 feet of Brown..3 shots to make 2….Guess the refs didn’t want to go back to the monitor for another 7 minutes…


    Mark G Quote:

    “… we lost a ton from last year… I’m proud of our group for continuing to improve.”

    Are we improving though? I haven’t seen visible improvement. We lost close games in the beginning of the season. We have since won a few close games. Murphy’s law states that 50/50 games will average out.

    Beside 2 of 9 players, all are 4 and 5 start recruits. How many teams can say that?

    Not seen improvement G. Please hire Harrick and just go recruit.


    I didn’t watch one second of this game. It was bad enough listening on the radio. However, there is no such thing as a bad conference road win. The team gutted it out.

    Watching duke play BC and I swear they look about as bad on d as we do.


    This is NOT a great defensive Duke team. Cuse putting up so many already showed that, clearly.

    They can be remarkable offensively…as putting up so many at Cuse showed.


    Well they CAN shoot…if you can hit from the outside you can put up points vs. The cuse. If you can d up and keep them off the boards you can also keep it close…course we can’t do any of that.


    I just don’t understand the blasting of this team. This is a young team and they are scrapping through the season the best they can. I had no expectations to win the regular season or get a birth to the dance. If everything came together then they had a small chance. This team has battled and they got blown out a few times. Not completely unexpected. They still have small chance to make the dance. If they don’t will not mean a disappointment for me as long as they continue to fight. Don’t forget this team was predicted 12 in the ACC. Next year I have a feeling the pack will be even better and the wagon will fill up again.


    Go wolves – I think this team is doing everything gott is asking them to do…just like the last 2 years.

    However, I will be impressed if gott can get them to the NCAA tournament.


    It’s a weird team – I’m not really impressed, or unimpressed.


    My only concern right now about this team is that the big men seem to be going in the wrong direction after doing so well earlier in the season. They were a disaster vs UNC, and weren’t much better this afternoon.

    But it’s a win for a team hoping to be no worse than number 9 by season’s end. I guess I could live with that.


    They are a little hard to watch but I think our guys are overachieving at this point. I we finish at .500 that will be above expectations. We can still get to 10 wins with our remaining schedule. If we do and make the dance I will be impressed with Gott this year.


    Again the youth is showing through with the inconsistency of their play. You have to expect the up and down play. We have seen it from game to game and within a game. For a team that is this young they have been pretty consistent with the “W” lately excluding the Tarholes game. The ACC is weak but damn they are .500 right now with a lot of chances left. Complaining for a new coach much less a freaking scumbag that Harrick is baffles me. I have to believe that was joking in some silly type of humor. All of the front line has shown some great talent. Give them another year in the system and who knows how good they can be.

    As far as this year goes I still think they can make the NCAA. It won’t be easy or given to them, but if they fight they can do it.


    We were actually picked to finish 10th in the conference and we are currently 8th. So not a bad job thus far. Still a ways to go and a bad stretch and we can easily fall back. I thought coming in best case scenario is the bubble, and that looks to be the case. We’ve got to get a marquee win, though. FSU has fallen way off the radar and is no longer relevant. Pitt also not looking too good, but they are certainly tourney bound. Perhaps we can trip Cuse up, who knows. And boy is UVA balling.


    The injury has really slowed down Anya. Before that you could see progress. Freeman has hit the wall but for a kid who just turned 18 in December he has contributed a lot. He is going to be excellent in this offense if his 15 ft jumper develops. Washington looked to be making a move up on offense but has taken a step back. I think they will all improve because they all bust it full time. Howell just out worked people and I can see both Freeman and Washington being that good. Both are better than Howell was as a freshman.

    Two and a half years in I think it’s fair to say that Gott’s teams will:
    Play hard
    Hang together
    Rebound on the offensive end a lot better than the defensive end
    Be very good on the break
    Be in the bottom 2/3 of the ACC in defense and likely the bottom half
    Not shoot 3’s well

    If he ever puts together a group that does shoot threes well they will go a long way

    I admire the grit this team shows. They have a lot of flaws and talent gaps but they rarely tuck their tails.


    Rarely tuck their tales? I am not sure what you call performances vs. Duke and UVa and unc and in 2nd half vs. Pitt.

    Aside from that though, I think your post is spot on. I would add that I would expect to see low iq basketball.

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