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    The guy referred to MW as Willingscam. He said she was a liar, etc. The post was made on the web but linked directly from his FB account so his personal information was out there. If his FB account was public by his choice, I’m not sure what he can gripe about. The PP guys then searched his posts and realized he had likely been posting on IC quite a bit while on the clock at his state auditor job. I saw the beginning of the thread but not whatever caused the trouble. I didn’t see anything that looked terrible, but I didn’t see pictures of family either. I must have bailed before that to enjoy another weekend of State athletic suckitude.


    #RealSports investigates why student-athletes w/ elementary level educations are allowed to graduate – Tuesday at 10


    GA, I think if they’d stayed away from the Facebook photos and maybe some unverified phone calls, nothing may have happened..but I know this dude’s boss and I hope she kicks his royal backside for being so stupid…My gut is that the State guys that work over there are smarter than that…

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    Back to the HBO exposé, it seems that having two players (and hopefully more to come) speak up about this is a turning point. I’m curious to see if they are treated with the same disdain that Willingham and others speaking out have been subjected to by the uNX Illuminati. The players indicate a clear link between the sports dept. and the phony classes.


    BSME….I just send a PM to the PP mod asking for a “prayer for judgement” on your behalf or at least clarification if your ban is permanent or temporary. Not sure if he’ll respond though..Since I don’t know your PP username, I can’t even identify you to him so he can review your involvement with the posts. I told him if he needed that, I’d try to get you to PM me and I’d relay to him. I’ll keep you posted if anything transpires. Sounds like your request would be reasonable as I’d venture to say that most of us don’t read the posts from other sites that we link that closely, nor do we even consider the lengths that some of these posters would go to cause trouble. Talking trash is one thing, threats are another!

    While I read SFN, I normally post on “that other site”. Old habits die hard. *** I am not posting today to bash PackPride. There are a bunch of good folks there.*** If you read PackPride, you have seen my posts over there. I enjoy reading/posting about NC State & our sports and I really want to see uncch clean up their act. Something that they have refused to do during the past four years.

    I usually post on Scout’s PackPride site, On Friday I copied a “comment” from a N&O reader – that person is an employee of the State of North Carolina. At no time did I in any way attempt to identify the N&O commenter as a Scout poster. A moderator also posted the same information when he quoted my post. Others actually linked the N&O poster to a Scout poster, thereby IDing the Scout poster by name and job – ***something that I did NOT do.***<br>
    I guess someone- in an effort to fix an actual problem got heavy handed with the ban-stick and banned me as acceptable collateral damage or just didn’t take the time to read what I wrote/posted.<br>
    Since I am banned from Scout and cannot send PMs – I cannot use their website to privately ask for a review. There is NO indication of the timeframe of the banning – be it permanent or 30days or ???<br>
    I have the actual post that I made, and there is no known violation of Scout terms of service.

    Go Pack – How about our National Champion Wrestler – Great job Gwiz.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    ^ Internet feud. The person with the most gigabytes will win.

    On PP, that equates to “post counts”..Those guys are so lazy that they never even consider having original posts…99 percent are “reply” which posts the same crap over and over and over!

    Oh yeah



    WRAL has GOTT this Friday thing down cold…

    No real “news” here… just keeping our “friends” in the headlines…

    Investigator meets with Crowder in UNC probe

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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