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    I wish I knew what the point of that was

    Oh let me spell it out for you: It was to make people who want Gott fired look stupid.

    You certainly are a swell fella.


    “Hopefully our future is ahead of us.” – Dana Kirk


    Guys either way kids leave kids come its up to someone in the program to always have a back up plan. Look at the talent on teams other then the power 6 and they are not 4 and 5 stars but are coached and they beat us. Not that Gotts bad but I am very weary of his thinking about our future bench.


    My computer fried itself and I have just found my login. I just don’t understand Gottfried’s recruiting strategy. He never seems to have other options when 5 stars turn him down. At some point this staff must “coach up” a group of 4 stars/3 stars & make a winning team.

    I am giving a pass on this season due to Lacey’s departure and Henderson’s injury. However, only having one guard on the roster in year 5 just seems unacceptable for a staff. I am concerned that our window of opportunity for a substantial recruiting run has passed this staff by. How can players improve in practice without substantial opposition?

    I think that there needs to be a serious discussion with the staff if there is not substantial improvement next season. These are all his recruits and there has been staff continuity. What seems to make matters worse is that even though we are nowhere close to a full roster of scholarship players, we suffer from numerous departures.

    My concern is that Yow & Gottfried are joined at the hip through 2019 no matter how it goes. I have been a Wolfpacker for so long, I don’t know how many more WTNY that I have left.


    The number of people who want to fire Gott is extremely small. The real question is how many people think that Gott can move state into contention for the top of the ACC and something beyond the S-16?

    I think there is a very small minority of Pack fans that actually want him fired today. I do think many loyal/reasonable Pack fans want him and his staff to adjust the way he is doing things.

    There is definitely a bit of apathy seeping into the program this season, and that’s only going to grow once we’re mathematically eliminated from tourney contention (we’re already getting close). There will be no ACC tourney run this year with this roster. I know several long time State fans that didn’t even bother to watch the UNC and Duke games. That’s very telling and they can’t be the only ones out there.

    Gott has earned a down year, but he’s got to produce next season. We should not be this bad five years into his tenure. Sure, there are reasons. But in the end it’s his show, and it’s a sh*t show this year.


    VaWolf82, I want to apologize for the way I titled my post about Shaun Kirk. Couldn’t find a way to email you directly. I still think we might lose him to transfer based on lack of PT. I hope I’m wrong, but I didn’t mean to say that it was a fact that he would transfer.


    I just cant fathom that there is ZERO repercussions from this season Gott is putting on us? There have got to be consequences right?


    I just cant fathom that there is ZERO repercussions from this season Gott is putting on us? There have got to be consequences right?

    contract ext?


    I don’t know packback. History says he will get a pass this year because of the last 4 years. But if that happens any chance of getting Archie may be gone. And if that happens the admins would have made a decision that will negatively impact basketball for years to come. Debbie needs to decide right now what kind of future NC State basketball will have. Archie is now 17-3, has been at Dayton 3 years and has better athletes, better talent, and better system than Gott after 5 years at an ACC school. The talent deficiency at State is incredible. After 5 years we have one player, only one player that is ACC caliber…period. Abu is improving but we are a one man team, let’s face it. Ga Tech had better athletes, better depth, and better talent. We have players that throw up a dozen air balls a game either as field goal attempts or free throws. With the exception of Dennis Smith we have NO ONE coming in next year, so this isn’t going to get better any time soon. The Martin twins, Anya, Freeman have no business playing at this level, and our bench is loaded with walk-ons. It’s unconscionable to me that after 5 years our talent gap is so deep compared to other conference schools. If the university is serious about restoring the basketball program to a championship level, they need to invest in an upcoming talented young coach, who is an alum, has a passion for the school, and can build a legacy for the next 30 years. I’m afraid Archie may be gone after this year, we’ll stick with Gott, and we’ll be having this conversation again and again.


    Maybe there will be, maybe not. Look at it this way, maybe there is (was) a secret plan in place to remove Gott and hire Archie. Think about it, it would explain the sudden reasoning of giving Gott an extention before first game was played. DY and Gott are close, maybe she wanted to give him a parting security retirement blanket to step aside for Archie. Sounds far fetched? Maybe….maybe not. DY is gonna retire soon, maybe this was all a plan Maybe I’m watching too much TMZ?



    I’m totally with you. We have 3 ACC caliber players (Cat, Abu, Henderson). Why there has been no development of Freeman and Anya blows my mind. There the same players now as they were 2 years ago. That’s on both parties (coaches and players) and like I said after the Wake game, I don’t see a lot of players being held accountable.


    Lay off the TMZ man :). Your theory sure would be sweet if true.

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