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    CowDog: Those pictures are classic. All doubt gets removed this weekend.


    The number of Fathers feeling their child was scorned on the recruiting trail could reforest the Amazon.

    I know, ’cause I’ve been guilty, too. Wound up as a Banyon tree, somewhere in Ceylon, though.

    I was scorned once or twice.

    The worst was when I walked into a beer joint in Windblow NC. Pushing my hurt feelings aside nothing kept me away from the pickled eggs and ice cold Budweiser.



    AD Yow tries to run the AD as a business…and it is time that some performance reviews are done.

    With all due respect I dont agree with this at all. Not one bit. If she treated it as a business she would have shored up the revenue generating pieces of the dept before spending millions upon millions that we didnt/dont have. If I had a dollar for every 630pm call I got from the school asking for more money…….Thank goodness my wife is a saint. I get that the entire AD needed to be scrubbed after Turner/Fowler etc but the shock to the system was what many Maryland fans warned us about.

    If she truly has us in a position where our coach could go 4-8 and we couldnt afford to remove him then she needs to be walked out. Thats inexcusable and I dont give two chits how well the non-revenue sports are doing or how we are doing in the directors cup. If she has us redlining to that level we are screwed. Now I dont know if we really cannot make a move but that seems to be the word on the street making the rounds.


    I should be the damn AD.

    First move would be to open the gates 2 days early for tailgating.

    Second move would be a state wide series of BBQ events with speeches and edicts.

    Third move, declare full war on unc.

    Forth move, buy some red pants and white shoes.



    Don’t really argue with your opinion. I would remind you that the Federal Courts ruled on Title IX and the NCAA has adopted (or maybe wrote) the regulations. You ought to look at the 50 page filing that each university/institution must FILE with the NCAA to show the amount of $$’s spent on each sport and the number of coaches and the revenue from the revenue sports and more info that a Trump Accountant could generate.

    SO, regardless of the Director’s Cup, the rules are the same. You can’t just be a FB and BB and baseball and maybe Women’s BB entity and compete against other NCAA teams that comply.

    Obviously, we disagree on AD Yow’s Management and her Expertise. I think she made a mistake in hiring. I have hired a lot of people over the years and never had a 100% record. I was on the GOTT hayride for a while….then the ugliness that supposedly was “ONE TIME” and all is well now and never will happen again cropped up. THAT actually causes me a little more heartburn than FB.

    I did not think (nor want….as I was a true believer in Lowe) that she would pull the pin on him….but she did. Maybe she will do the number on him. BUT, will the rank and file be happy with that?

    Woodson is NOT going to call her in and pull the pin on her and then hire someone and let him (her) find a new coach. So, it is what it is….and that is not going to change.

    Doeren has pulled the trigger on the OC. He should have done the DC. BUT, that is his ONLY card left. Anyone can find AD Yow and Randy Woodson’s email addresses and write them with opinions and suggestions. They will respond….usually quickly.





Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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