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    We are still not a great or even very good team but we are at least good. This game was a positive step vs our history. We will really miss Fernandez the rest of the year. Just need to keep improving.


    WELL NOW…..if you MISSED the FSU-GT game and thought the Dook-VT OT game was exciting……then you are in for a treat. I posted a forum on this.

    My “moss” as has been growing since early July. It is getting to the point where the ends occasionally “irritate” my eyes when I have the top down. I was going to get a trim next week as I am almost at my 4 month limit. NOPE….gonna let it grow.

    Will trim the beard as my wife requires….but the hair stays LONG….unless Clemson does us in.

    I will not say it will help….but I ain’t going to do any changes….and my GS’s soccer team had a V today…

    I guess that is why they play the games. Coach D’s post games about the Offense coming to life in the first quarter and then sort of disappearing and thanking the Defense for their efforts….so he and the staff will have some work to do.

    I did comment (rather vocally) that even I, with my sub par FB IQ knew what we were going to run in Q2….and that IF I knew it….then the WF DC obviously was aware.

    Did not see the second half as I had to go to the soccer game….but listened. We were in control….but the “opportunistic” way is NOT the way you win future games.

    Mark Thomas was really critical of our FG kicker….as well as the Offense. He said that the O was brilliant in Q1 and lackluster in Q2 & Q3, but JB DID manage Q4. He did not grade the O, but gave the D a “B”. Can’t argue with that…..


    Brisset had one really bad mid range pass today. Aside from that he had one bad long pass, and another that was right on the money. Our receivers aren’t getting much separation and Brisset continues to hold on to the ball too long.

    Like everyone in the stands today I saw the wide open receiver. You’d like to think general situational awareness would kick in there but I don’t know everything going on in that situation either.

    The wake forest experience was nice today. Very relaxing… Nice fans. Wake goes out of their way to create an experience and you feel welcome if you don’t feel like you are watching big-time football. Our folks involved in the same piece in Raleigh could learn a thing or two from them.


    Wake has a beer garden which is where we all went sans kids after the first quarter. Returned just in time for the fg miss and the punt return. There were a ton of pack fans. Our wake hosts reminded us that 2 years ago it was hot and the carnival was in town. Anyway, it felt like a home game this time and many a wfu fan bailed.


    Wake has a beer garden which is where we all went sans kids after the first quarter.

    You didn’t by chance see JB there b/w 1st and 2nd did ya? Might ‘splain some things.


    Pack will open as a 3-4 td dawg next week. The only way to keep the Clemson offense in check is to stymie and frustrate them early, don’t let Watson get into a rhythym. Their new play caller is more patient than Chad Morris, which is bad for us. They’re incorporating Watson more and more back into the run game now. You have to blitz him and hit him, disguise and change coverages more than we do normally, and hope our back 5 can hold up. keep them off the field and eat clock. I think it will be ugly for the pack. This ain’t the Clemson of old


    Sure Wuf’, that’s cool. It appears the PM functionality is no longer available, But CD has my email address.

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