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    That did NOT go as planned. Link What had been a feel-good week for N.C. State basketball and Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried took an unexpected turn Fr
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    This is fine.


    lBad loss! Should get better, with no where to go but up. Now where is our gameday blog, for today. Big game with FSU!

    Prowling Woofie

    The team was AFRAID to go inside against freakin’ Bill & Mary. Shied away from contact all night.

    Rarely drove the lane, rarely fed the post (because our “bigs” weren’t posting), and never went strong to the rim. Abu and Anya should’ve taken the backboards down against those guys, and Cat should’ve been driving and dishing.

    Only Abu showed up, and that was after about 12 minutes, when the lead had already ballooned to 18-20. Anya’s “improved” offense netted three whole points, and Deondre Jordan-like accuracy from the FT line (1-5).

    Glad we waited an entire year for 7 minutes and zero points from Henderson…

    Got Herb’ed to death last night. Pick ‘n Roll, backdoor cuts, kick-outs to deadly shooters. Asses absolutely handed to us. Just awful.


    Struggle of play and struggle to watch.
    Cat certainly had some issues and 4 or 16 was generous. He has to step up his role as a leader or someone else certainly needs to be anointed. I know its difficult to ask someone to be a leader that’s not accustomed to being outspoken…. it looked like Rowan was more instrumental as a leader than I expected. And hopefully Henderson is a link that hurt more last night than we realize.
    On to Football baby! Beat FSU

    jimi eno47

    Thank God that we have nationally ranked Cross Country Teams !!!!!!


    Add I stated previously, this team has holes. It will take s lot of work and someone stepping up to be a leader.
    Crappy game to attend. Crappy.


    Lots of good insight in last night’s “Game Forum”.

    Did notice that Tony Haynes did NOT follow his scripted “post game” talking points.

    I guess he did not “have enough time” to congratulate Coach Gottfried and get some comments on his “Contract Extension”.

    If you do the math….I THINK that GoTT’s Base Salary is STILL the same. One of the articles said it was $760K….and it was $750K before. SO, for the sake of argument….the NEW “supplemental” package DOES not impact his base….or if it does….it is only 10K.

    SO, if things fall apart…..with a LOT of turmoil, then Coach G would be eligible for 4 Years @ 760K or $3,040,000…..not 4 X his “supplemental”

    Not suggesting anything…..don’t start heating the pot of TAR and searching for Feathers….

    Ttown Wolfman

    Cat falls down going to the middle and none of his teammates offer him a hand to get up. We have a long way to go!


    I know, or at least assume it will get better, and this is not the end of the season, but State Fans seem to have to endure more embarrassing losses than anyone other fan base. Wofford. William AND Mary. Already heard too many jokes from rival fans for this.


    Coach, don’t leave out the most painful and embarrassing loss for this ole Harnett County boy that I can never live down. That would be the home loss to Campbell College.


    I screwed up my earlier post because I was posting from my phone.

    This is fine.


    It’s certainly not the end of the world – a long season – and these early season losses do happen even to the top teams. But, we looked downright awful. I now have no idea what to expect from this team this year. A lot of glaring holes.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    The weekend just got worse.

    Terry Henderson is expected to miss a minimum of 6-8 weeks after suffering torn ligaments in his right ankle during NC State’s season opener on Friday night.


    Well, last night sucked. I’d thought we’d make a 5th straight tournament, and would finish higher than the preseason media prediction. Last night put us behind the 8 ball on both of those predictions.

    We looked………awful. The best one can say is that we have major questions:
    – Are we ever going to learn to play man to man defense?
    – If the answer is no and that we’re not going to try, are we ever going to be smart enough to play zone? Anya is reason alone to play zone.
    – Is Rowan Adam Harrington part 2?
    – Was Henderson supposed to be the savior? If so, what do we do for the next 2 months?
    – Is Cat the most maddeningly inconsistent PG we’ve ever had? I don’t think last night was the “real” Barber, but then I don’t think it was who we saw get hot at the end of last year either.
    – Do we have anyone other than Abu that can score down low?
    – Is Caleb Martin really the #2 scoring threat?

    Shew…… Everyone involved with the program (staff, trainers, medical and players) have got their work cut out for them this year.


    W&m is losing to liberty right now.

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