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    Some of yall are blinded by the facts.

    Archie told us no because apparently the job is hard and his bro hopes to lead the mighty Tarheels someday. What a cock slap to the jaw.

    Kalvin Keets is exciting and pumping you up? Take a look at his defensive Kenpom #s while leading the charge in the CAA with more talent than any other team in the confernece. It’s not only a GIANT red flag, but it’s a GIANT red flag that’s on fire. Sorry to be p!ssing on the parade with reality, but this is objectively a bad hire for any ACC team. Luckily it should be short lived.

    His best chance to come close to “succeeding” here is to hire some damn good assistants. And the definition of “succeeding” here at this point is murky at best.

    Guess we’ve finally reached the point where it’s ridiculous these days for NC State to demand and expect Championships.


    Here’s hoping we are wrong and he hires a strong defensive coach. We all want to win, so if he does that then no problems going forward. I still can’t believe we paid 2.2 million x 6 years for him. Seems we should have checked the prices on Kelly Blue Book first.


    Where did this overwhelming talent thing come from?

    Seriously they’ve got one 3* transfer from Middle Tennessee who barely played, and a bunch of 2*s.


    I agree that 6 at $2.2 is eye opening. I would have put him on a 4 year deal. That would line up well with the AD transition.

    My biggest issue with Yow hasn’t been the person she’s hired. Outside of Gott, I was fine with every one of them. My issue is how she’s handled the contracts…


    A more famous Keats once wrote: “There is nothing stable in the world; uproar’s your only music.” 19th century dude knew all about being a State fan.


    All you negative Nancies on here need to stop concerning yourselves with the ingredients and the oven temperature, and just wait for the cake. I just want the damn cake. Keatts has been a winner from DAY ONE – he’s won everywhere he’s ever been. Not many coaching candidates can say that. As I posted on another thread, I was all-in for Archie but he didn’t wanna come, so we’ve got Keatts and we need to support him until he proves he can’t give us the damn cake!


    Someone left the cake out in the rain
    I don’t think that I can take it cause it took so long to bake it
    And I’ll never had that recipe again oh no


    6 years? My God Yow really is dumber than a sack kf rocks. Of course, she’s not going to be around much longer. Leave a mess for somebody else to have to clean up – that’s the NC State way.


    Regardless of what you think about the hire, Yow has proven she is an awful at contract negotiations. She probably offered Miller a 45 year deal @ 2.21 million or possibly 220k. Hard to say with her wacky configurations.


    Call me not ready to jump off the ledge. I’m sure Yow made a crappy sell and offer to Arch, and Marshall for that matter (who I’d have mortgaged the house to get), but I think Keatts will recruit. More importantly, he’ll probably be able to retain most of this roster, which could help. I see the defensive stats but I haven’t watched them enough to say if they just suck, if they blew out people, or if they got lazy on defense late in games. But if he’s coached under Pitino, he knows a little about defense. Whether he can teach it or implement it is another question.


    Clemson/Brownell end of season meeting. Anybody else heard Wade to alma mater??



    OK, Everyone meet at the Belltower at 10:00. Tactical weapons will be issued. Have arranged a convoy of Humvees (Painted RED with white camo). We will descend on Yow’s Cary residence and then “take care of matters” of as Elvis said TCOB…

    There are 83 of so folks that have “voiced” their opinions on the Coach thread. Would like to know HOW many are paying WPC dues….how many are paying LTR payments (and higher WPC dues) and how many are supporting capital projects (IPF, Reynolds, etc.).

    In case no one got the memo, Mr. Dail is DEAD….he passed away. Mr. Murphy is STILL writing checks. For the record, I calculated what I have paid the WPC over the years….and NOT included the TICKETS….just dues, LTR’s and contributions. That is about 10 TIMES what my TOTAL NCSU Education cost my parents. And I can tell you that I barely hold on to my 1000 or Arena East Parking Pass for Football games. I would have to write a mid to high FIVE figure check just to get INTO the Motor Home Lot and then follow that up with a high 4 or low 5 figure check EACH YEAR just to STAY in there. Same deal if I wanted to move out of the Champions Club down into a nice seat in the BOWL.

    Folks that write checks and/or donate a LOT of their PERSONAL time to the WPC and NCSU will have influence. They are sometimes critical of Yow, but for the most part, respect her. They DO offer “suggestions”…and said suggestions, when accompanied by checks that have a few MORE zeros than mine….get listened to.

    They were ALSO fed up with Gottfried’s OFF COURT issues. Now…GOTT DID go to the NCAA for 4 years. BUT, then it went downhill. Yow has cut some coaches that had the SAME issues…

    One comment was about the PC hire. I think that was a VEILED comment about the ethnicity of Kevin. I WILL remind folks that Lowe was of the SAME race. I also had MANY UNC folks ask me HOW I felt about Lowe being of the race he was and coaching NCSU. GIVE ME A BREAK. We had NOTHING to prove (how if it turns out he is LBGTQX…then obviously it was an affront to the NCGA for HB2).

    Final….If you REALLY want to read about HOW Mikey was almost fired and what V went through….and some real insight into Dean….Read John Feinstein’s The Legends Club. It is a GREAT read….and it is based on FACTS…with a LOT of warts that you do not ordinarily see in a book. It WAS approved by Pam and Mrs. Smith and Mikey….all cooperated with it. Feinstein had interviewed them many times over the years and kept all his notes and also talked to a LOT of friends, associates, reporters, administrators, etc. Read it before you start spouting off about Mikey’s records and such.

    YES…we are STILL Cheap. Cheap as Charlie Bryant that chased off Norm and hired Jimmy V?. Not quite. If you want a ORW, then start writing them checks….ORW is way higher…as is a LOT of coaches.

    AND, the BUYOUT ($760K X 3 years) did NOT impact our ability to pay…

    Face it….we are NOT the NCSU of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. The UNC BOG and the NCSU BOT and Dr. Monteith and Claude Sitton and Todd Turner effectively emasculated us in about 18 months….Want to cast some blame….READ and UNDERSTAND…


    I come here to get good information on NC State basket ball. I was a Archie fan all along. Every time I see this headline I cringe, I wish you would remove it. this board is(was) so much better than Packpride, but it is getting almost as bad.
    it is time to move on. Keatts is our coach.
    Like my Dad said about the president of the United States (Obama), it shows bad character to always be bad mouthing him. He is YOUR President. Keatts is OUR Coach. nothing you say or do will change that and will only poison the well.
    I propose that the moderators shut these strings down and open a new one with discussion on the future.
    We dont (yet) know what went on and what was said behind closed doors. stop criticizing from ignorance. If you have facts, share them. if you have negative opinions, tell them to your dog. you are poisoning this site, the fans and our energy.
    My seats are three rows behind the State bench. I gave my tickets away to most games the past two years because the team made me sick. I am looking forward to a new exiting era with NC State basketball and I will be there to support them as many nights as possible.


    So duckfatrules how long will you give the new coach untill you are potentially giving your tickets away again.


    Folks, we’ve truly made a statement with this hire.
    I read the resumes of probably 10 (or more) of those we assumed were candidates, Keatts had the weakest resume by far. Not even close. I think he has half the experience of his closest competitor.
    I also believe – and this may be relevant – that he was the least expensive of that assumed list of candidates.

    So, what statement did we make?
    1) We are not able to attract talent at the level we thought (hoped?) we could. Either they turned us down, or we didn’t even try.
    2) We are cheap. We are not willing to invest the money needed to attract the best.
    3) We sure didn’t need to spend $90k on a search firm. We could have walked to Wilmington.

    And what is the deal with Keatts? It says he played basketball 4 years at D3 Ferrum college – but didn’t get his degree (from Marshall) until he was 39 years old – just before he was hired at Louisville. Sound a little like Sid getting that last second degree before coming back to Raleigh?

    Is that why he was a high school coach for 10 years? (even though he was a great one?) No degree?

    I, for one, am totally discouraged. I thought this was the chance to elevate the program, not start over with a ‘well, let’s take a shot at another up and comer and hope he doesn’t crash and burn‘ guy.

    I think we now know our place in the basketball world.

    It’s going to take a while to get over this one.


    Just curious, with Jim Valvano coming from little known Iona, were fans exuberant of his hire? Give the man a chance, then pass judgement. He seems truly excited, honored and committed to bringing us a basketball program to be proud of. But until he gets the chance, how will we ever know? If we are fans of NC State, then we need to stand behind him, again until he proves our support is unwarranted. He is our coach, and all the negativity will not change that fact. Look what Wes Moore has done with the ladies program. What big school did he coach at? He didn’t. But like Keatts, he brought a successful coaching resume. At least he wants to be at State. unlike the Millers, who seem to show no allegiance to the university.


    I was a student when V was hired. Nobody knew who he was other than a Sports Illustred article about Jeff Ruland. We didn’t have Ken Pom, RPI, BPI, EFF FG%, relative timeout effectiveness, or the internets. We first tried to hire a HS coach and were rejected. People took a wait and see attitude. In year one V was severely overmatched on multiple occasions. We went 14-13 iirc. Year two looked a lot better but we lost to UT Chattanooga iirc in the NCAA tourney first round.

    Just curious, with Jim Valvano coming from little known Iona, were fans exuberant of his hire?


    It is true – you do not know how unproven coaches are going to pan out. That’s why it is always so high risk/high reward. Bottom line is most don’t pan out. But some do – that’s why you keep rolling the dice to find the diamond in the rough.

    However, while results are difficult to predict, you can analyze style of play and recruiting philosophy. Those things tend to hold true once these mid major guys get to the next level – it’s what they know.

    UNCW’s style of play, to me, leaves s lot to be desired. Maybe you can be that undersized and win big in the CAA, which is by all accounts a one bid league. But the ACC is a difderent ballgame.

    The last thing that really concerns me is he coached with Pitino – a fantasic defensive coach. It did not seem to translate once he got a head job. UNCW, for as good as they have been offensively, is downright awful defensively. Don’t expect that to change in Raleigh. You heard it here first.


    The last thing that really concerns me is he coached with Pitino – a fantasic defensive coach. It did not seem to translate once he got a head job. UNCW, for as good as they have been offensively, is downright awful defensively. Don’t expect that to change in Raleigh. You heard it here first.

    Did you know UNCW is one of the shortest teams in D1, and they out rebounded UVA?

    Did you know they had one of the lowest turnover rates in D1?


    Did you know UNCW is one of the shortest teams in D1

    Yes, which is why they finished last in their league in defensive rebounds.


    Yes, which is why they finished last in their league in defensive rebounds.



    Keatts will do great I think. I’ll say it again,you were all for the TOBy hire and he flat out sucked. I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Continue to wallow in your negativity. I’m excited about him.


    1. Elon 32 918 28.7
    2. William & Mary 31 852 27.5
    3. Towson 33 860 26.1
    4. Col of Charleston 35 892 25.5
    5. Delaware 33 838 25.4
    6. Northeastern 31 775 25.0
    7. James Madison 33 823 24.9
    8. Drexel 32 797 24.9
    9. Hofstra 32 789 24.7
    10. UNCW 35 839 24.0


    Yes, raw numbers no context.

    UNCW plays a high tempo attacking style. Note the high turnover and steal rates on defense. Note the opponent OR% on defense. There are just fewer defensive rebounds to be had.


    Used to like this site, but something happened to the folks making comments. The spirited debates, banter back and forth, and keen insights are missing. Now someone had their puppy die and their ex keeps coming over to dig it up and kill it some more. Grow up people!
    We got ourselves a good coach who really wants to be in Raleigh. Let’s see what happens.

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