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    Here I agree with Yogi. There has been player development – and yes recruiting is actually happening. I’m expecting a bit of a regression next fall but that player development could change things a lot. I also am expecting things to move incrementally forward. TOB was so stuck in his mentality he could not adapt. DD started that way and to my mind is still learning but I do see some growth there.


    Glennon was never 25% the player that Wilson was and the fact that TOB couldn’t see it tells the level of coach he was. I would like for gowolves to explain what is hilarious.


    But at the time we simply didn’t know. One year of RW vs 2 years with Glennon – I can understand that decision in the context of the time. With events since maybe not so much. I am no TOB fan but I can hit him on many other things than this.


    What I find hilarious is you fault TOB for the Wilson situation. Don’t get me wrong TOB needed to go and was glad when he left. Wilson did himself no favors by not coming to spring practice so he could play baseball. TOB told him that if he still wanted to play football then he would have to fight for the job. Wilson couldn’t make up his mind to continue playing football. When he started to suck in baseball he figured he could just return to NCSU and his posistion would held open for him. That’s why TOB told him he would have to compete for the position. If he knows he is better than Glennon he shouldn’t have been all worked up over having to compete. TOB was loyal to the program and not Wilson. Wilson said screw it and left. Say what you want about TOB but he wasn’t going to let some kid run the show. I don’t blame him one bit for that.


    With hindsight answer might be different but I’m with Gowoles here. RW tried to force TOB’s hand and he did eventually. With that
    TOB acted. We can debate but at the time he was the head coach and I do get his thinking on this issue. Other issues I do not understand and that’s why I’m not unhappy to see him gone.



    I’d upgrade our OC first, and then spend what’s left…
    recruiting some Amerson type DBs and a Field Goal Kicker….

    just one man’s opinion….

    We’ve recruited some Amerson type DBs. We just haven’t landed many. Amerson type DBs and Lamar Jackson type QBs are some of the toughest recruiting targets to land. The competition for these is fierce.

    “recruiting … a Field Goal Kicker….” We have one of the top kickers in the country, Chris Dunn committed in the 2018 class. BTW it hasn’t been too many years since nearly all teams used preferred walk-on kickers.

    After finishing with the best conference record in decades, firing the OC is hard to justify. What’s the justification? Our fan base doesn’t understand some (or most) of his play calls. I don’t understand many of them either but that doesn’t make his calls wrong. It only means I don’t understand the play calls. I piss and moan about running through the middle — just before Hines breaks 2 long TD runs through the middle.

    Drink is a young coach — very young in experience. Doeren is dealing with hiring a staff with a limited budget. We have a mix of good experienced coaches and a couple of very young coaches with potential. Look at the offensive coaches: Drink is not in this alone.

    Des Kitchings: Assistant Head Coach for Offense/Running Backs
    Dwayne Ledford: Offensive Line/Run Game Coordinator
    George McDonald Wide Receivers/Passing Game Coordinator

    I wish we had a Lincoln Reilly for our OC but we don’t. Doeren is using a young OC and some good, experienced assistants. Hopefully the experience of his elders will rub off and he will soon be calling plays I understand. 😉


    That’s why TOB told him he would have to compete for the position. If he knows he is better than Glennon he shouldn’t have been all worked up over having to compete.

    Sorry, but that’s not how it went down. Wilson ASKED to be able to compete for the position in the fall. He knew he could beat out Glennon in fall camp. TOB told him that he would NOT be able to compete for the position. If he wanted to play, he had to be there in the Spring. The thing is that NC State had already make a commitment to Wilson on baseball, that was bigger than TOB.

    The guy that curiously gets a free pass in all of this is Glennon — the one who actually made the ultimatum of “play me or I transfer.” If Wilson were back, Glennon was not. He was taking his ball and going home. TOB took two guaranteed years of Glennon versus Wilson possibly being back in the fall, and bought himself another year as a head coach. It had been clear prior to that that TOB preferred Glennon, but I don’t think that was at play here as much as natural self preservation by TOB.

    It was crystal clear what was going to happen when Wilson was sent out with the seniors on Senior Day. I was in the stadium that day. That whole Spring ball thing was the excuse, but the ultimatum had seemingly already been laid out near the end of the previous season.

    I don’t want to rehash that, or any of the TOB era. I didn’t like that hire, didn’t really like TOB as a coach, didn’t like how that situation played out, didn’t like the complete lack of commitment to developing an OL, didn’t like Mike Archer as a DC, didn’t like the S&C plan, etc.. I was and still am glad the TOB era, as well as almost all links to Lee Fowler, is over.

    With the DD hire, it was a roll of the dice, but one that seemed reasonable at the time. Now the discussion is about how we manage DD, and what we do going forwards. We’ve got him 5 more years and at more $$$. Is that coming with raised expectations? What’s he going to do to fix the glaring issues (4-2-5, special teams, media relations, red zone offense)?


    One more year of Wilson and TOB might still be here so I am almost glad for how it went down. But, Wilson was forced out because of his desire to play BB.


    Jimbo off to TAMU. More carousel to come.


    Welp, Jimbo’s gone at FSU.


    FSU might actually get a good coach. Things are seemingly going to get tougher.


    As to the 5 plays:

    Against SC, State DOUBLED their yardage and they weren’t moving the ball. Pointing out a kickoff return and a busted play with a 57 yard pass and one armed catch in the back of the endzone ignores nothing.

    Against Clempson, the punt return ignores nothing since Clempson worked its way into a short field. The punt, if properly defended would have started them on their 35. The long run ignores nothing since State had Clempson at less than 80 yards rushing up to that point.

    Those were 4 massive plays where the offense scored enough for the win. 28 point swing in two combined games where State lost by 14.

    No straw men, just pointing out critical errors.



    Rye – Agreed on FSU.

    Regarding Glennon – he was the one with the least control of his own situation. He had a crappy hand, and played it as well as possible. I don’t think it’s fair that he gets any criticism since he was just stating a fact. He knew that if RW comes back, he starts. His only card to play is a fair one, that’s basically like, look if I stay, I’ve been on the friggin’ I haven’t thrown a meaningful pass in a real game since high school.

    OTOH, RW could have stopped chasing his baseball pipe dream and committed 100% to NC State football – which of course, Glennon had done for 4 years.

    TOB is old school – and I think it’s obvious it chapped him that RW was playing baseball while the rest of his team was in Raleigh.

    RW to his credit – was doing what he wanted to do – and he had every right to do it.

    Heck, everyone had a right to do what they did. Sometimes this happens in life – and lots of decent options clearly don’t make the decisions easier.

    I think time has shown RW to be a little flaky and perhaps selfish and spot-light seeking – but nothing much worse than that. Glennon just keeps on ending up in awkward situations through no part of his own. TOB, has come across as that old dude who says and does what he wants, not really caring about others, and collateral damage.


    6pm sports news cycle is full of sh#t on this Friday pm…

    Well … I guess I’ll eat my garnet && gold sneakers… never thought that would happen…
    but I heard earlier in the week … that in addition to having an off year on the girdiron.. Jimbo also got divorced a few months and had been in a “funk”…

    I’m sure most of ya’ll know…Change of scenery is generally required in those circumstances…

    HOLES loss is the PACK’s gain…
    WRAL reporting… LB Payton Wilson from HIllsborough flips commitment to Wolfpack…

    And the Volunteers — who are erasing our worst nightmares with respect to coaching searches — continue to wallow in the mud…

    They didn’t hire a Head Football Coach, just a new AD…
    E$$pn reporting… Phillip Fulmer to serve as Tennessee athletic director…

    That’s enough for one Friday… Partytime in College Station…
    and the FULL MOON ain’t for two more days…

    GO PACK!


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    OTOH, RW could have stopped chasing his baseball pipe dream and committed 100% to NC State football

    IMO this theme, which is often repeated, is off base. Wilson had never been a part of spring practice while at State. He was always playing baseball. TOB saying he had to be at spring football practice prior to his 5th season in the program in order to even compete for the starting job in the fall was not consistent with how TOB treated the same issue throughout Wilson’s career at State.

    Was Wilson not committed 100% to State football in his 4 years in the program? When he was the starting QB for 3 years?


    I shall tell you a true story about 2 sporters.
    Roman Gabriel was a helluva football player with a love for baseball.
    He signed with State because they promised he could play both, unfettered.

    After his freshman campaign, one playing frosh football, followed by varsity baseball, he got pulled into a meeting of State coaches, AD, advisors…you name it.

    It was suggested that Roman, in his best interest, needed to concentrate on one sport.

    For him the answer was easy.

    He apologized to Earl Edwards, thanked him, and chose baseball.


    IMO RW and Glennon worked out best for both, RW would have never gotten the national exposure and had the impressive 5th year at State. That Wisconsin team was loaded and allowed him to showcase his talent. Just don’t think that TOB and the talent at State at that time would have allowed that. Glennon did enough to get recognized and made it to the pros. Worked out for both and for State when TOB finally left.

    Class of 95


    Wilson was picked #75 in the 3rd round… being at Wisconsin didn’t exactly showcase him. He would have gotten his chance had he remained at State. This is all about TOB being stupid.


    Frost to Nebraska.


    Will be interesting to see if Gus bolts Auburn for Arkansas.


    Watching Clemson demolish da U should let us all appreciate what the staff and players have done…and just how close we are.


    I agree. Clemson has established itself as the top program in college football.


    If you look at their schedule, other than their loss, no one, even Auburn, got as close to them as we did. No team put up as many points as we did. A couple of breaks and it could have been State playing in that game last night. And there is no way to know but my feeling is we could have beaten Da U. We have a pretty good class coming in. The Wilson kid could be really good and Person and Pennix could very well be the running back additions we really need to bookend with Hines. Also I cannot remember any class that has as many 4 stars and 3 stars in it. And yes, we are losing a lot of senior talent, but I can remember just 3 years ago when we didn’t even know who our #2s were much less #3s. That is a much different story now. Falloff year next year, maybe, but the offensive side of the ball will be more experienced. It could be a fun season.

    Smarter than the average bear


    We have a pretty good class coming in. The Wilson kid could be really good and Person and Pennix could very well be the running back additions we really need to bookend with Hines.

    You may have left off the most important recruit in the 2018 class, QB Devin Leary. If Finley enters the draft this spring, Leary could be the starting QB by the time the ACC part of the 2018 schedule rolls around.

    Interesting enough, Leary gave up playing baseball his HS senior year to participate in a weight training program (add weight and muscle) that will prepare him physically for college football. He is a 4-star who excelled at the Nike Elite QB camps. He has a cannon arm that is accurate. Hits receivers in stride on deep balls, etc.


    I hear Leary is over 8 feet tall and can run a 3.8 50.

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