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    Dave Doeren has suspended seven players for the Louisville game Saturday, as discipline for their participation in the (apparently) increasingly popul
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    In other words, don’t even bother to watch.


    Like it is worth watching anyway???? at this point they could suspend all the starters and probably end up in the same results.


    But its OK for Roy Williams to shoot State fans with a BB gun?


    I guess I’m old school and will watch and will be pulling and cheering for the team. Kind of old fashion and corny as Kansas but raised my kids using the principle that when they deserved love the least was when the needed it the most. I feel the same way about our the Wolfpack.

    I likely won’t be posting during the game as I have seen all the cute, smart-arsed remarks I can stand already.

    Go Pack… and watch your back. With friends like some on the boards, you won’t need any enemies.


    I wonder if they were more successful with their “hitting” things… with Uncle Roy’s B gun than they have been with their hitting on the field of late…

    One would think one should follow the other…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I hate to ask for details, but my natural curiosity is up. I understand guns and muzzle velocity and kinetic energy….and I have been shooting BB guns for more than 60 odd years. I have had my face stung with ricocheting BB’s many times. If you shoot enough, the steel BB does come back…lost a LOT of energy, but it still hurts. I graduated to small caliber lead pellets as I got tire of being stung….and I have shot about everything except a full auto machine gun.

    Today’s BB guns are not the Daisy Red Ryder that I had. They come in all shapes and sizes and, unfortunately, look real. I also recently did some research on a high powered .22 caliber Pellet rifle. These are NOT like my old Benjamin. They will deliver up to 1000 FPS and will easily kill small game at 15 – 20 yards. This includes nuisance varmits like crows and squirrels.

    WHAT, exactly, is “BB Guns” as it relates to College Football. Jameius and the FSU boys did over $4000 in damages to cars and FSU looked the other way.

    Are these lads who so valiantly wear the red and white really going around playing “pretend video games” with a seemingly low powered BB gun? Maybe we should start putting concussion sensors in every helmet.

    Laser tag with the proper PPE is one thing. Paint ball is another….again with the PPE. But, running around playing “cowboys and Indians” with BB Guns….you gotta be kidding me.

    I guess it is boredom….maybe trying to salve their wounds from Saturday’s loss….maybe trying to look like Gangsta Rappers….whatever.

    This just seems stupid to me….and believe me, I did a LOT of stupid things in high school and college and afterwards….but I never had the urge to go out and shoot a BB at someone or get shot at. I guess this is the NEW Macho…

    If anybody has an “info” or a credible web reference, then my curiosity would LOVE to read it….

    Otherwise, I think I’ll write Debbie Yow and ask here if we can administer a Common Sense quiz to all recruits. Makes about as much sense, to me, as going into the desert or the swamps and picking up live vipers with your bare hands….SHEESH…..


    Okay…BB Gun game, right? Off campus, right?

    Yes..the game is stupid, but I think Daddy Dave is reaching on this one with a game suspension. This is, at best, a “some laps after practice” offense.

    Or is this some even-more-ridiculous PC-statement about guns?


    My take on the suspension….it is consistent with what OTHER schools….OK FSU did nothing….but that is FSU….had done.

    If it is the “shoot me and see how tough I am game” that some folks are talking about….then I would have done the same….

    If you google BB Gun Game Suspension, most schools meter out some punishment for stupidity….you can do stupid things….like burnouts in a Wally World parking lot when NO ONE IS AROUND and could be injured…..but that does not cut it based on local regulations.

    I DOUBT….and HOPE that DD is making any Anti-Gun PC statement. It seems he is making a “You BONE-HEAD….what were you thinking” Statement…

    Only time and the rumor mill will tell.

    I think that SFN should change the headline….”Roy Williams Influences State Football Players”. After all, it was Old Roy, in jest…I hope….but you never know with Roy, that said he would use his Daisy Red Rider on all the folks (or the UNC Fans) that let the opposition have their seats in Dean’s Dome. It is ROY’s FAULT….not the stupidity of our players….RIGHT!!!!


    Speaking as someone who has participated in bottle rocket wars…….indoors I might add, this isn’t too shocking. I guess the school has to do something before they graduate to real guns or they get somebody hurt. I would have been ok with some suicides (that’s gassers to some people).


    This happened last week. The players were not going to get on the field anyway, but our players weren’t beating Louisville either, so same diff.

    Didn’t anyone learn anything from Ralphie and his Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle?

    GREENVILLE, N.C. – Three East Carolina freshmen football players, linebacker Yiannis Bowden, receiver Curtis Burston and linebacker Markel Winters, have been suspended indefinitely from all team activities effective immediately following a BB gun citation according to an announcement from head coach Ruffin McNeill on Wednesday.

    The decision came after McNeill and ECU athletics officials were initially made aware of the charge by the Greenville Police Department on Tuesday afternoon.

    “One of the benchmarks of our program is that our players will be held accountable for their actions on and off the field, in the classroom and in the community,” McNeill said. “It is with this commitment in mind that I have suspended these individuals indefinitely for their actions that were irresponsible and dangerous. They have acknowledged their mistake and now part of our job is to help them learn from this situation.”


    This is really a microcosm of all our problems.

    Scholarship athletes — adult men — having BB gun fights is a sign of immaturity.


    Holy cow! Didn’t think it could get worse after Saturday.
    My mistake.


    “This is really a microcosm of all our problems.

    Scholarship athletes — adult men — having BB gun fights is a sign of immaturity.”

    This hits the nail on the head. This is what college football has become. This reminds me of something my friends and I may have done as 11 or 12 year olds…I’m serious. I could go on and on, but there’s just alot wrong with college athletics. The scandal at UNC and how it’s been brushed under the rug, is quite frankly, the tip of the iceberg, and no one really wants to know how deep the iceberg really is….


    Apparently Joe Wright has been dismissed from the team.

    I have no idea why, but he’s definitely not listed on the official roster any more.


    I’m not sure what the problem is. If we shoot as well as we tackle, then nobody was really ever in any danger.

    Alpha Wolf

    I shudder to think how I would have fared between 18-22 years old were my activities under constant scrutiny. I did a lot of dumb, dumb, stuff. Things that would have looked very silly and immature by the measure of adulthood. Somehow, I turned out okay, and somehow I became a responsible, functional citizen. I bet most of these young men will as well.

    The players were having a BB gun battle, not out date-raping coeds, not out driving through the drug-dealing area of Durham with weed and unregistered guns, and/or not swiping crab legs from the grocery store. They are guilty of being immature and irresponsible. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    Really, if that’s the worst thing our players are doing, I am okay with it and okay with Dave Doeren’s punishment. At least he did punish them, and he didn’t sweep it under the rug…unlike our defending national champion and our beloved rival on the west side of the Triangle.


    With the last two games, I am ready for some new blood on defense. They can be no worse than what I have witnessed in person at Clemson, and in Raleigh vs. BC. Maybe somebody will earn a starting job, for the rest of the season. Can we bench Huxtable?????


    I am ready for some new blood on defense. They can be no worse than what I have witnessed in person at Clemson, and in Raleigh vs. BC.

    Ahahahaa, I admire your optimism.


    BB gun or air-soft? Would air-soft gun and/or paintball carry same suspension?

    Alpha Wolf

    Can we bench Huxtable?????

    At the risk of appearing to scapegoat, I really don’t like the schemes that Huxtable employs. I’d love to see some fresh ideas and a take-no-prisoners attitude from the defense.

    What we need right now is something like the defenses Chuck Amato built. In a way it’s too bad he’s a former Wolfpack HC, because he’d be the perfect DC for our team — an excellent recruiter who has an attacking defensive mentality.


    “Just nip it….just nip it in the bud, Andy”

    Life lessons from Deputy Barney Fife.

    DD nipped it. Enough said.


    an excellent recruiter who has an attacking defensive mentality.

    I don’t remember much attacking during PR’s senior year. Big change from that year to the next, when Chuck brought in Herring.

    But in the bigger picture, I agree that you need an attacking defense. Whether or not you can successfully attack with our current personnel is a completely different issue.


    Just wondering- would these players have been suspended had they been seen on a rifle shooting range, at an NRA meeting, or had been caught drawing a picture of a gun while in class?

    Just wondering.


    Yeah Tex, I used to shoot bottle rockets out of my mouth. Didn’t smart too bad after a few PBRs.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong

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