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    “tj averages 27 when Tyler starts and 20 when he doesn’t?”
    I thought he said 24 and 20.

    27 and 20 is the way I heard it. Either way, Lewis is balling out. Doing so many things that we haven’t seen from a Wolfpack PG in a long time.


    Hey guys, really sorry that we couldn’t hold onto this one. Very tough way to lose. St. Louis had more rest and more time to gameplan and this was the outcome. I guys were totally gassed at the end and that affected their free throws. I expect that our scoring will be much more balanced next year, and I hope that with Lacey we will be a little less skittish in the full court press. Advancing the ball under the full court press has been such an achilles heel this year.

Viewing 2 posts - 551 through 552 (of 552 total)
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