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People like Rick want to bash Gott about player retention,

I said it was a weakness of his. I notice you didn’t mention the strengths I listed cuz it doesn’t fit your narrative. Of course you go on to mention the things you think he does wrong but I guess when you do it it’s not “bashing”.

I don’t have a “narrative.” I have an opinion/perspective on the player retention issue that was under discussion in the thread. I don’t think all criticism is bashing. It turns into bashing when it is rehashed constantly without applying appropriate context. I provided context in my post that shows it isn’t as bad as you and some others have made it out to be. The overall roster management has been a weakness, but IMO not because of player retention, as I explained. You are free to disagree.

He has lost an average of … 3/4 to leaving early with no hope of the NBA.

This is demonstrably false. Warren and Brown are both currently playing for the Suns.

Lacey played on the Cavaliers summer league team and is now playing in Italy; he could still play in the NBA in the future. I believe it was understood when he declared that he was not expected to get drafted and was ready to play in Europe. I wouldn’t characterize him as having “no hope” of playing the NBA.

Leslie was signed to a partially guaranteed contract by the Knicks after the 2013 draft. They later waived him, but it clearly wasn’t true that he had “no hope” of playing in the NBA. This past summer, he played for the Kings summer league team. He could still play in the NBA in the future, though IMO he is probably a longer shot than Lacey due to his tweener size and the limitations in his game as relates to the NBA. For now, he is playing in the Israeli league.

BTW are you really including walk ons to make a point? LOL

Yes, they are on the team. You know who they are and can discount them if you like. :shrug: