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Leaving before Leslie, Brown, Purvis, deThaey, Lewis, Washington, Lacey, Tyler Harris, Jaqawn Raymond, Painter.

Leslie, Brown and Lacey left for the pros, which is not a negative for the program. The only remaining names of consequence are Washington and Painter. The rest couldn’t hack it either through lack of skill or attitude, or a combo of the two. Add to the list Harrow, who he rightfully steered elsewhere.

So Gott has lost 2 players worth a damn. When compared to other coaches, this is not a red flag.

Wait, you think leaving early for the pros and not actually making the pros is a good thing for NCSU? Really?

Leslie and Brown are the only two that left early for the pros and both were drafted. You think that’s negative? Brown is getting NBA contracts. That’s negative? Equating players going professional as “transfers” is incorrect and appears to be an attempt to put the HC and the program in a bad light. Why would you want to do this?

Leslie wasn’t drafted. Brown was 2nd round with no guaranteed contract. Lacey did not get drafted. It’s obvious they just wanted out of the program. And you think that is a good pitch to recruits that have NBA dreams?

And I don’t have to “put the coach in a negative light” his 1-5 ACC record does that.