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This is the ACC, so just because a coach is highly successful in another conference, doesn’t guarantee they will do the same in the ACC. We are not having a good season, but have been in all our ACC games. Different team without Washington/Lacey, and an injured Henderson. Considering the success of the previous 3 coaches, I am happy with Gott. Though it probably won’t happen, this season still has time to turn around. So give Gott a break, as I don’t think anyone else could do any better with the state of this team. They may even do worse. As for DY, whoever think she should be fired, really are not concerned for the success we have found since she took over. Even Coach K had people wanting him gone in his first 3 seasons. But they didn’t and look at their success. One bad season should not merit being fired. Look @ Lowe, who stayed way too long, yet never made the NCAAs. DY took care of that, and we have been there every year. Be careful what you ask for, as you might get it. We do not have a good record when hiring former Wolfpackers, as coaches.