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TJFoose don’t mix up sports my man. With a high level of conviction I believe Mark G. is an average to below average coach. I want him out immediately because we should strive for better. Dave is much different.

I had a problem with Dave his first year b/c he took lemons and made a lemon turd sandwich. However I update my opinion based on new information (many do not there are cognitive and emotional biases at work read Daniel Kahneman’s work for more information.)

Vegas oddsmakers take into account margin of victory and standard deviation of the margin. If a team wins half their games by 1 and half by 20 points they (approximately) have the same margin of victory as a team that won all their games by 10. Which team you putting your money on?

Our team improved this year. We lost by less and were more consistent overall (Dave cites we were competitive which is coachspeak you guys still with me?) Those with strong critical thinking skills can understand that a team that wins/loses by a point (over the long run) is essentially equivalent to its opponent.

So what????? We barely lost to VA Tech and Louisville…the ball didn’t “bounce our way” which is coachspeak for….some things are just pure chance. Once could argue that by chance (through no fault of Dorhen) the outcome of those games could have flipped which would have resulted in a 9 win season.

I’m simply taking financial acumen and applying it to a different discipline. I didn’t study 4 years for the CFA in vain.

This is directed to no one in particular but if there are flaws in my analysis please point them out instead of just being a redneck and saying eerrrhhhh they took our jobs wins/losses is all that matters!!