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more fuel for the fire…

Some coaches think ‘good offense starts on the defensive end of the floor’.

Now this is 100% accurate but about 50% complete… and that’s what makes the difference.

Let’s say for the season….
your team averages 75 points a game,
shoots 50% from the floor,
and is good for 15 free throws a game.

that’s about 60 possessions a game…

Now just say that your team is a running team that plays great defense.
On your best nights… your guys can fast break 2 out of every 3 possessions.

That means you STILL have to run a half court offense 20 times a game.
And that those half court possessions on average are worth 25 points a game.

If your guys suck in the half court offense…. there is no way you can make up 25 points a game by playing better defense and running more.

If they suck at defense and make a lot unforced turnovers on the fast break… then you GOTT your work cut out for you.

Capice ???

In every case, if you are one of those coaches…. you still GOTT to teach and coach your guys to play solid half court offense and IF THEY WANT TO PLAY and be successful… your guys better WORK THEIR BUTTS OFF.

Otherwise, what you see if what you GOTT.

OR just ask Uncle Roy… whose young Holes just lost to the Demon Deacons for the first time in four years and GOTT to ride the bus from Winston back to Chapel Hill.

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