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    Va wolf – I agree with you on gott and his track record. No argument from me there.

    I don’t think depth would have been a problem for a lot of teams last year…. but this goes back to track records of which you speak.

    We had 9 scholarship guys last year… all of whom were capable with the right instruction/ motivation.

    Regarding officiating, I didn’t think it was bad for us at all last night. Our guys are frequently out of position and don’t do the little things right, so you will see a lot of fouls on our end.



    I do not pay for the Statsheet Premium. If the link does not work, then you can google the following and get there.

    Jamie luckie statsheet

    Once you are in statsheet, you can go to the home tab and then the Referee tab and then browse around.

    I usually do this when I get to the game and we are given score sheets with the Ref’s names. Yesterday, we were not.

    In regards to other comments, the refs made a few bad calls, or at least the crowd really thought so. However, there were no blatant ones. The crowd never started chanting. They were pretty much a non-issue, IMO, as they should be.

    It WILL get worse when we get the Refs that are more motivated and love the feeling of power they get from tweeting. However, the heavy tweeters’ averages, from a cursory and non statistical analysis, seem to be coming down.

    I rue the day when we get the Hess man and that day is coming. Our “red circle” exemption from last year does not, I suspect, apply to this year.

    Would not surprise me at all to see the triumphant triumvirate of Hess, Dorsey and Natili at the PNC during a pivotal game…or for MD on 1/20. If they are the Zeb’s on 1/29 when we host the Noles, then my paranoia index will go offscale and the reaction (mine and the fans) will show up on the NCSU Ritcher Scale sensors – the one invented in 2011 by the NCSU ME Dept that will repair itself and keep measuring the aftershocks…each of which will occur when KH tweets.


    Oh we’ll see Hess alright, but not in Raleigh. To tell ya the truth, I don’t think Dorsey gets inside PNC either.

    I’m not sure where Chops and Va are going with Gott’s history. It could have several connotations. Including the fact that he is a winner.

    As for outcoaching K and Williams, as someone has reached for…he already has.


    Gott has been criticized for having poor defenses and now the rules are changing to his benefit him. Shouldn’t he be using it to his advantage? Can’t we go back to the high tempo transition game and drive more?


    As for outcoaching K and Williams, as someone has reached for…he already has.

    CD, can to elaborate a little? Are you saying Gott is a better in-game or overall coach than K and/or Roy?


    Certainly PF. He absolutely outcoached K in the PNC last yr; and he did it to Williams in the ACCT, the year before, albeit in an unfortunate loss.

    He can in game coach.
    One thing to keep in mind, IMNSHO, if you happen to be a man to man guy, there’s only so many skill sets to coach. Man D is about big balls and communication. That is at player, on court level.

    Zones are a matter of teaching. Traps and presses are a matter of teaching and repetition.

    Personally, I’m with Patino and Boeheim. Zones and traps, and presses. They got some track records. No? Williams teaches an outstanding 1/2 court trap, I might add.

    But, ya gotta remember, I was raised by the guy that concocted the “match-up” zone. I’m biased.


    Gott is a very solid recruiter. His coaching I would rate as somewhere between average to above average. Coaching includes motivating. I think there is room to grow there.


    CD, I have to disagree in general. I don’t know too many coaches in the entire D-1 that are better than K, let alone Gott. Some of what I have been frustrated with is are his in- game adjustments. He seems slow to make the and when he does, they are 50/50 in terms of effectiveness.
    He has shown flashes, including the Duke game you referenced.
    It is frustrating righ now to watch out guys. It was last year too. However, Gottfried is the best coach we’ve had since V and he can get it done here. I am hoping he gets the right combination of guys and a little luck to win us at least a conference championship.


    The last of the really, really great college coaches are on the verge of retirement. The motivators will be few and far between, me thinks.

    It’s a completely different dichotomy of coach to player, purpose to goal…only a handful of the younger ones will maintain a resemblance of consistancy.


    CD, I agree about the great coaches on the verge of retiring. The way I see it, the competency with In-game X’s & O’s is especially being lost. I see the same in college football.

    However, if motivation is the thing, than you gotta love Doeren. This year is a tough example, but I am willing to bet that motivation will be his best characteristic.


    “Zones are a matter of teaching. ”

    Well.. Mr. Dog returns from the holidays… and as is his custom… succinctly hits the nail on the head..

    Well… given the fact that our “Zone offense” is virtually non-existent at this point of season… we will be seeing more zones than might otherwise be expected.

    If you watch some film… you will see our interior guys standing and waiting on the ball.
    They’ll be waiting until March… cause they just ain’t open.

    You GOTT to move (rotate thru the lane) to get open inside any zone.

    And I am 100% sure that our Coaches have already “mentioned” this to our players.
    Some days… there ain’t a whole lot of difference between coaching and teaching.

    As Mr. Dog mentioned… we have seen “some games” where our bench/in-game coaching lead by Coach Gott was fantastic… especially in rivalry games.

    That said, might we reasonably expect more consistency at the higher level against non-rival opponents ???

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yep. Perpetual motion breaks the zone. Rotation and cutters thru, break the zone. Wing/elbow dueces break zones.

    Forcing dribble penetration does not. Doink.


    Our interior guys not only stand around, the’re not even thinking about scoring when they touch the ball (save for KW). Collectively, the post guys played 76 minutes and only ATTEMPTED 9 field goals. Ralston Turner attempted the same amount coming off the bench in 24 min.

    Right now, imo, the offense seems to be operating without the INTENT of scoring. “Just get it to TJ” doesn’t work for 40 minutes. One scorer and four facilitators is ridiculous.


    Hey…For all the lambasting that Turner gets…he was 4-9 from the field. If one thinks that’s cringe worthy…check the other perimeter guys.


    You can’t just a coach by his best or worst game. Saban isn’t an idiot, but he clearly made a huge mistake vs. Auburn.

    Coach k has been out-coached a lot. However, I subscribe to the theory that the more coaching you have to do in-game, the worse job of prep you have done. It’s why I couldn’t stand Lowe. If he had prepped his guys better he wouldn’t need to constantly whistle.

    Likewise, I think if our guys were prepped better on the defensive side of the floor, we’d be talking about what an awesome coach gott is/was. Then again, if he coached d better, he’d probably be at UCLA.


    Chops…I luv ya man, but Gottfried and EVERYBODY else under the pretty much petty BS of the Harrick slam, were blackballed by the same folks that condoned Wooden’s “booster creativeness ”

    And like I said. You can’t coach, or teach, Man to Man D to 18 yr olds.

    Live by the sword or die.


    Not to hijack this and there may be a forum….but it DOES pertain to the Pitt game.

    If you went to the Lady Pack playing Syracuse today, you would have gotten a real treat for a very reasonable price. Being Seasoned citizens, we got reserved seating in the first few rows of the balcony, almost mid court for a total of $10.

    The game was unbelievable. I wish that Coach G had brought the team to watch. The ladies were on top until a few minutes into the second half and got down 10. Syracuse was deadly on the treys. In addition, they out rebounded up in the first half.

    But Wes and the ladies NEVER gave up, even though we had foul issues….really ugly foul issues. The rest of the team stepped up.

    We WON. I have not seen a better game recently. Reynolds was rocking and the crowd was into it.

    So, congratulations to the ladies. The lads ought to have to watch the game on the flight up to the frozen mid west….that is what being a team and never giving up is all about.


    Cowdog – you are right about the booster creativeness under wooden. Reminds me of another saint who gets a pass. Tom Osbourne and bobby Bowden have to be wondering why didn’t we retire earlier.


    And like I said. You can’t coach, or teach, Man to Man D to 18 yr olds.

    There’s a lot of evidence to the contrary.


    Luv ya too, Va, but like expectations of teaching a kid how to tackle when they arrive, so it is with man D.

    I have no contrary evidence.


    “Forcing dribble penetration does not. Doink.

    ^I’ve been avoiding saying it and I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way – but a lot of our half-court offensive wows begin at the point guard position.


    more fuel for the fire…

    Some coaches think ‘good offense starts on the defensive end of the floor’.

    Now this is 100% accurate but about 50% complete… and that’s what makes the difference.

    Let’s say for the season….
    your team averages 75 points a game,
    shoots 50% from the floor,
    and is good for 15 free throws a game.

    that’s about 60 possessions a game…

    Now just say that your team is a running team that plays great defense.
    On your best nights… your guys can fast break 2 out of every 3 possessions.

    That means you STILL have to run a half court offense 20 times a game.
    And that those half court possessions on average are worth 25 points a game.

    If your guys suck in the half court offense…. there is no way you can make up 25 points a game by playing better defense and running more.

    If they suck at defense and make a lot unforced turnovers on the fast break… then you GOTT your work cut out for you.

    Capice ???

    In every case, if you are one of those coaches…. you still GOTT to teach and coach your guys to play solid half court offense and IF THEY WANT TO PLAY and be successful… your guys better WORK THEIR BUTTS OFF.

    Otherwise, what you see if what you GOTT.

    OR just ask Uncle Roy… whose young Holes just lost to the Demon Deacons for the first time in four years and GOTT to ride the bus from Winston back to Chapel Hill.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Rarely do I disagree with the Dog, but you can damn well teach man-to-man defense. There are basic fundamentals at work that are missing among many D-1 players these days. The quality of instruction at the youth level and in a lot of the AAU circuits is just piss poor. Everything from guarding stance, footwork, not running and jumping at jump shooters, going under screens, stopping the ball, help-side defense, rotation, defending screens…these things can damn well be taught. Cut the video off. Drill, drill, drill. And it isn’t a Herculean task to expect better man-to-man than what we’ve seen given the quality of athlete on the floor. The run we went on during the second half of the ACC and tournaments in Gottfried’s first year was largely due to major improvement on the defensive end. Call it balls, call it desire, call it what you want, but that bunch improved and got after it. They weren’t great but they played decent man-to-man coming down the stretch. Nobody’s asking for a defensive juggernaut, just some solid play, something that resembles consistent effort on that end. Teams tend to take on the personalities of their coaches. Lot of finesse, not a lot of grit.

    This bunch shows flashes of really good man-to-man but no consistency at all. And transition defense is as bad as the Lowe years. Maybe worse if that’s possible. This is what, I think, Choppack and a few others, including myself, point to as Gott’s track record. Either it isn’t being taught, demanded, there’s not the proper motivation or incentive to bust your ass, or he recruits players that don’t know how, and as CD says, can’t be taught. Either way, he gets the blame. The defense is atrocious.

    What ticks me off the most is that he doesn’t use substitutions to make points, or teachable moments, at all. Very long leash he has imo..


    Not to put words in CD’s mouth (which would be very difficult anyway), I think he’s saying you can’t as in no 18 year old is willing to listen as opposed to you can’t can’t. It’s much more fun working on highlight reel dunks than mundane things like free throw shooting and man D.


    That is a winner, Redisgood.
    To me, anyway, a kid comes to you predisposed with defensive desire, or ya might just as well go talk to the wall.

    Yes, of course there are coachable Man D principles, as suggested by Va and Whiteshoes, communication in particular, but if a kid ain’t got the heart or feet for it…?

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