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I do not pay for the Statsheet Premium. If the link does not work, then you can google the following and get there.

Jamie luckie statsheet

Once you are in statsheet, you can go to the home tab and then the Referee tab and then browse around.

I usually do this when I get to the game and we are given score sheets with the Ref’s names. Yesterday, we were not.

In regards to other comments, the refs made a few bad calls, or at least the crowd really thought so. However, there were no blatant ones. The crowd never started chanting. They were pretty much a non-issue, IMO, as they should be.

It WILL get worse when we get the Refs that are more motivated and love the feeling of power they get from tweeting. However, the heavy tweeters’ averages, from a cursory and non statistical analysis, seem to be coming down.

I rue the day when we get the Hess man and that day is coming. Our “red circle” exemption from last year does not, I suspect, apply to this year.

Would not surprise me at all to see the triumphant triumvirate of Hess, Dorsey and Natili at the PNC during a pivotal game…or for MD on 1/20. If they are the Zeb’s on 1/29 when we host the Noles, then my paranoia index will go offscale and the reaction (mine and the fans) will show up on the NCSU Ritcher Scale sensors – the one invented in 2011 by the NCSU ME Dept that will repair itself and keep measuring the aftershocks…each of which will occur when KH tweets.