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SFN & Techies,

Using a Droid Razr Maxx. The site resolves in half screen format (to the left side). You have to enlarge it. Happens on every refresh. The response box is extremely touchy and you lose text. It also reverts to a wider screen and you can not see all the text. The older format was easy to use. This one is not.

However, on a PC, it is much better. Mobile needs to be reviewed.

ON THE GAME…I was there. Upper level of GC was not used. Three sections of one end zone were blocked. Crowd was decidedly RED. Looked like a PNC game. Unfortunately, not a LOT of energy from RED…Admittedly the pep band and the Announcer (OMG….what a MORON. He is a throwback to the PROJECTION ENUNCIATION of the 60’s…I had a few lessons….IRRITATING) kept TALKING. The music was blaring….it was TOUGH to get any “opponent” cheers going.
The Team, save Vandy looked OK at the outset. Vandy was AWOL. Gott pulled him and spent more time with him, 1 on 1, than I have seen this year. We never had any interior play. We seemed to be waiting for a gift basket of rebounds, rather than getting in position and getting them.
When TJ is the leading rebounder…we have a problem. We finally climbed out of the hole we dug towards end of H2.
THEN, we came out like a team that had had it’s rear chewed out and all the perks such as the NCSU Equivalent of Sweet Carolines REMOVED. That worked for a while and you can not keep that mental edge or intensity….so it faded.
BUT, we did have a sizeable lead. We played tentatively and UNCG (even HB Wes) stepped up. We missed critical FT’s and TJ threw away the ball…but God bless him, he is our scorer.
Cat scored more points, but still seems intent on improving his APPG than dishing off. TJ looked like Whitt had been coaching him or maybe Gott and he decided to try out his new 3-pt shot. 3 PT Shooting is NOT TJ’s strong point.
The RED Crowd really got into it within the last 5 minutes. I personally think they should have been chosen POG…
UGLY WIN….but a W.
Hats off to the Lady Wolves….what a season. Pity the poll filler-outers don’t recognize that.