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DD may have left, but it wouldn’t have been due to the fans. It would have been to:
1) Reset the clock
2) Add $$$ to his bank account
I wouldn’t have blamed him at all if he had left for either reason. He ultimately has to do what he feels best for his career and his family.

One thing he was fighting for was more money for his assistants and staff. Don’t know how true it was but DD said his wife not wanting to leave was the deciding factor. I say it jokingly but what was he going to do with the extra million? Pay alimony? Lot’s of failed marriages in the sports coaching professions. I did a list on another thread showing the ages of coaches children. All were married with at least 1 young child except Aaron Henry, who is single, and Hux and Roof. Doeren want’s his coaches home for dinner even if they have to come back. That’s big to guy who have new wives and young kids. The coaching profession isn’t noted for great hours and time with the family.

The sun would have risen the next day. We would have still fielded a team, with some chance that it was better and some chance that it was worse. To me the program is bigger than any one coach or player.

Just thought and opinions…Could be but if most of his assistants and staff had left with him, we would be back to square one. His coaches are very loyal to him. He treats them well. Staff continuity is important in football. Not all CEO’s are of equal ability. No guarantee the next HC could handle the job of HC or CEO or both. We could have been in another 3 coach cycle trying to get back where we are now.

We would have survived but IMO been set back a few years regardless.

I’m going to go spend my energy creating the karma for Quavaris Crouch to commit. Maybe Derrick McLendon, DE too.