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Interesting thread. Funny to pull it back up after two years. Maybe I should grab some of those old Gott threads 😉

I am still not sure what to think about DD. It was a very good year but also could have been a special year. When I see the talent we had on defense it makes me believe we under performed. I like everything I read about DD. He seems to go after high character kids.
I don’t like the long term contact Yow handed him. Contacts had always been one of Yow’s weak points imo.

I enjoyed the basketball this year. It was a very unexpectedly good year. I am a little concerned about the defense. We got burned way too many times. Jay Wright has proceed you don’t need to ten recruiting classes but a good system and player development. Here’s to hoping KK’s system is even close that that level of success.

Btw I have a feeling I will be watching a lot of wbb in the future. They are fun to watch. The women’s championship game was fantastic.