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what we haven’t seen is potential turnover with assistants. Not being negative as that is part of building a program.

Let Mr. Sunshine weigh in: Doeren gave up a million dollars to stay here, what would an assistant be willing to give up to stay?

Doeren appears to take family life for himself and his assistants seriously. I’ve heard he has run an assistant out of the Murphy Center who was there after it was time to go home. He’s concerned or so I hear about assistants having an opportunity to schedule vacations with their families.

The LSU coach admits he interferes with the play calling. He has the right to do that but what does that do for his relationship with coaches. You don’t keep coaches by screwing around with them just because you can. Drinkwitz, for example, is young, brilliant and learning how to win. IMO you have to let employees make mistakes, even sometimes costly mistakes, in order to keep the ones with real potential. Drink has real potential.

Drink is in the box. Ledford was shown on the sidelines today with a headset on and identified as the Run Game Coordinator. That level of participation is vital to having job satisfaction. George McDonald is the Passing game Coordinator. He has job satisfaction. Nearly all assistants have young families. Time with the family, job satisfaction, decent working conditions and working for a man with a vision for the “company” all go into making leave or stay decisions. It isn’t always who will pay the most money.

We have not renewed some contracts of coaches who weren’t fulfilling expectations and we have lost coaches to what I would call promotions to Coordinators which is what you want to be the reason every coach leaves — he was poached for a step up in his career.

I hope I don’t sound like I know it all as most of this speculation and guess work based on a few bits of information I have gleaned.

BTW Dave was given a Gatorade soaking today. He seemed to love it. A happy man. (Would he been as happy at the Pinstripe Bowl?)