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There ain’t a whole lot to say about PA restaurants…
been all over up there… just everyday decent food and all the chains…
nothing unique… except for Philly Cheese Steaks..

BOTB, I rarely disagree with you BUT…
There’s this place in Blue Ball PA (Lancaster County area). Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Now you may think Yogi’s off his rocker in proposing a buffet place. Until you’ve been you have NO IDEA. Imagine Golden Corral on HGH and steroids PLUS, PLUS the food is really REALLY good. They have about 20 cash registers to take your money faster. Parking for 40 tour buses. And it’s about the size of two football fields. You can check out their nightly dinner features on their web site (Prime rib night is 20 bucks, and almost as good as what I cook, and includes beverages). Run by Dutch Mennonites. I lived in upstate NY for 4 years and a friend told us about it before we came “home” for a visit at Christmas. If I’m anywhere within 100 miles and have time we will sojourn there. And their breakfast!!! 10 bucks and it will be the best breakfast you have ever had at that price point. The baked french toast is to die for. 20 different kinds of pancakes with REAL maple syrup. If I could invest in that place I’d roll my 401K into it.

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