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I’d upgrade our OC first, and then spend what’s left…
recruiting some Amerson type DBs and a Field Goal Kicker….

just one man’s opinion….

We’ve recruited some Amerson type DBs. We just haven’t landed many. Amerson type DBs and Lamar Jackson type QBs are some of the toughest recruiting targets to land. The competition for these is fierce.

“recruiting … a Field Goal Kicker….” We have one of the top kickers in the country, Chris Dunn committed in the 2018 class. BTW it hasn’t been too many years since nearly all teams used preferred walk-on kickers.

After finishing with the best conference record in decades, firing the OC is hard to justify. What’s the justification? Our fan base doesn’t understand some (or most) of his play calls. I don’t understand many of them either but that doesn’t make his calls wrong. It only means I don’t understand the play calls. I piss and moan about running through the middle — just before Hines breaks 2 long TD runs through the middle.

Drink is a young coach — very young in experience. Doeren is dealing with hiring a staff with a limited budget. We have a mix of good experienced coaches and a couple of very young coaches with potential. Look at the offensive coaches: Drink is not in this alone.

Des Kitchings: Assistant Head Coach for Offense/Running Backs
Dwayne Ledford: Offensive Line/Run Game Coordinator
George McDonald Wide Receivers/Passing Game Coordinator

I wish we had a Lincoln Reilly for our OC but we don’t. Doeren is using a young OC and some good, experienced assistants. Hopefully the experience of his elders will rub off and he will soon be calling plays I understand. 😉