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What bill says is key.

It’s really the President’s of these universities. It would be real easy for them to say “that’s it, we aren’t playing them anymore.”

But they know the system is a sham. They know there are big dogs, medium sized dogs and lapdogs.

Basically, if you’re pure as the driven snow, you can say something. Else, you better walk away. Did you notice who DIDN’T get called out in the FBI investigation? Why Louisville? Why not Kentucky?

I actually think of this scandal had occurred in the 80s UNC would have paid dearly. For a while there, no one was safe once the investigators showed up.

Kentucky was punished, Kansas was punished, Alabama was punished.

However, sometime around 2000 or so, a critical mass was reached. Heck, UNC helped create the APR which from what I can tell is the only “once in school” rule enforced. Now, no one is remotely clean – and basically every one big holds a gun to another’s head.

Again, I don’t doubt for 5 seconds that if FSU, Duke, UVa, State, Clemson, Ga Tech, Louisville, Miami, Virginia Tech and Wake said “that’s it. We are self imposing, we refuse to participate in any game against them” the Heels would cave.

But they aren’t doing that…the question is why. I think we all know the answer. Like anyone dirty in a position in power, once you got dirt on you, you suddenly become ok with lax enforcement of the rules.