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Not only was the cupboard bare there wasn’t a cupboard. Three years ago State was the second youngest team in D1, not only didn’t we have talent or senior players but quite a few of them just quit, left the team. Non-believers I think was term. I wonder how many wished they had bought in and stayed?

One thing that stood out to me as I watched the Dline rush Jackson. Rarely was there just one in his face or chasing him, and considering he had one long run but only 73 yards means he was no where near as successful as he usually is. And I admit Chubb is a LOAD BUT he has some buddies on that line that are pretty darned special too. And that line has backups that come in and out and I didn’t see much drop off when any of the #1s were getting spelled for a breather.

This team in many ways is more special than the 2002 team IMO. There aren’t many weaknesses anywhere. I was really worried about losing Dayes but Hines just wound up being next man up!

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