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Makes you wonder if the Pomeroy rankings are gaining purchase with the committee

Maybe, but USC and Providence make me wonder about cause and effect. Based on actions and quotes in past years, I’m convinced that the Committee pays attention to SOS ranking (good and bad) when dealing with the bubble. Pomeroy – not so much.

I would really like to know what the Committee said about Iowa and Syracuse behind closed doors. A lot of Top-50 wins countered by a bunch of bad losses and really bad RPI. You have to wonder if there’s an RPI line that they just don’t want to go beyond.

For all of the whining about Wichita St, Pomeroy rankings, and poor seeding, I haven’t heard a single media type bring up Pomeroy’s ranking for them last year. It seems like the #12 team in the country would do better than just a win in the Round of 64.

I have no doubt that Ken can defend his algorithm when looking at all of college basketball. But like a lot of population statistics, norms mean a lot less when you are talking about an individual. Margin of Victory skews power rankings of Wichita St just like Strength of Schedule skews the RPI ranking of Wake Forest. Who you beat matters to the Selection Committee and it makes sense to me.