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What’s with the whiny complaining about Roo? He’s always posted that way while at the same time still contributing.. who cares? Get to your safe space or keep on scrolling.

Just mansplaining. It’s alright.

Mansplaining, huh? How metrosexual of you. Well it comes off as whiney offended little bitch’splainin

I knew that would bother you. Lol. Listen man I got no problem with Roo. I don’t know why you need to take up for him. He’s a big boy.

That said it does get old with all the political comments in a thread that’s supposed to be about outlets coaching search. I can understand why it bothers some. I don’t come to this thread to her people’s political dribble. I can turn the channel I get that, but when this thread is supposed to be something entirely different then it drives traffic away all together.