Saturday Bytes – Tarheels defeat Wolfpack (sound familiar?) OR State’s/Davidson irony (Updated 2pm)

……crunch….. Carolina’s third ranked baseball team beat the Wolfpack 5-2 yesterday (I thought we had some new authors who were excited about covering baseball on SFN? hello? anyone out there?). The Tar heels are 21-4 overall and 8-2 in the ACC. After a one-hit loss to Marshall, the Wolfpack are tracking just perfectly to an […]

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Let’s Play Two!

Say Hey, Baseball has gotten underway. Check it out here if you haven’t made the trip to the Doak already. It’s a double-dip and it started around high noon. Did I mention that it’s against the pesky Mountain folk of Boone (they probably like these thick, peat smellin’, dreary days being from the highlands and […]

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